Book Recommendation: Ready Player One

Thursday, December 11, 2014

If I could describe this book to anybody, it is that it is every nerd's dream. It's a scifi dystopian novel set in 2044 where our world basically sucks. It is so horrible that people prefer to live in a virtual world called the Oasis. The Oasis is essentially a multiplayer game where you get to create your own avatar, similar to games like World of Warcraft. This book is told from a relatable main character's point of view, which makes the reader feel like they're not just reading what is going on, but are actually living it. 

Having played multiplayer games like World of Warcraft, the world was familiar to me and the story just felt possible and realistic. I also loved that the book references so many things in nerd and pop culture from video games, comic books, movies, music, to Dungeons and Dragons. Basically, if you can think of anything nerdy, it's probably mentioned, which makes this book one of the most fun stories I've read in a long time. 
Another thing to note is that the author is just excellent with world building and plot development. He writes so effortlessly that makes it such a page turner, making it difficult for me to put it down. I didn't want it to end. It felt just like any other addicting video game. I found myself staying awake late at night reading, and I was simply stuck in this world that the author created because nothing else mattered while I was reading the story. Another awesome part about this is that not only is it exciting, but this book also has a lot of heart. The characters did that for me, as they were so easy to believe  in, to root for, and to love. 
I highly recommend this book to anybody. If you like a good story and like immersing yourself in different worlds, read it. It's so much fun that I believe it will be appreciated by anyone. But yes, if you are a nerd and you like pop culture, you have to get this book now. For me, it's definitely on my top 3 books I've read this year and I can't recommend it enough. 

So I got a Kindle...

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

If you've been a follower of this blog for a while, you'd know by now that I have always been anti-ereader for a few reasons. However, I feel like as I got older and life and schedules got busier, I haven't had time to go to bookstores anymore. In addition to that, there's sadly a lack of bookstores around my area. Because of those circumstances, I caved, and I got a Kindle. I got it for a good deal off of Amazon during a Black Friday sale, and two weeks later, I have fallen in love with it. 
Admittedly, I felt like I betrayed physical copies as I finally bought an e-reader, but over the past two weeks of consistently (almost daily) using it, I couldn't help but enjoy my time reading with it. I've been obsessed with it that I've already finished three and a half books with it. Here's just a few reasons why I love my new Kindle Paperwhite.

  • I love the fact that there are thousands of books right on your fingertips. If I ever get the antsy feeling of wanting a book badly (which I do often) I can simply purchase it right then and there. I'll have it immediately, and don't have to wait until my next day off until I could drive to the nearest bookstore. 
  • Prices. They're usually always cheaper than retail price, and there's always amazing e-book deals. I got a lot of the books I have on there right now for $3.99, $8 at the most. 
  • It feels like a book. Sure, maybe not out of the box, but once I put on the case I got for it (that basically flips like a vintage book), it feels like an actual book. 
  • The screen legitimately looks like a page. I didn't know this before, but the screen is very different from a typical tablet screen or a smart phone screen. It's not glossy, it feels and looks more like an etch-a-sketch to me. The texture is a bit different too, which I think is what prevents the glare. This also makes it easier on the eyes. I've tried reading on an iPad and I just got headaches, but I never get that from the Kindle. 
  • Portability. I can bring it anywhere. Literally. It fits in my medium-sized purse easily. I bring it to work so I can read during my break. I can't wait when I have to travel so I can test it out then.
So while I will always love going to bookstores, purchase books I really love from time to time, and prefer physical copies for my growing home library, there's definitely room for an e-reader. If you are thinking about it because you like the idea of its convenience, I highly recommend it. 

Gift Guide for the Literary People In Your Life

Thursday, December 4, 2014

I have done gift guides for readers before, but because the holidays are here again, I figured it's about time to make a new one. These are just some gifts for the reader and literary lover in your life.

Book Art and Book Jewelry 
I love book art. Etsy shops like BlackBaroque that feature antique book prints are great, and so is this store that has typography prints.
As for book jewelry, all you have to do is go to this link and get lost. I particularly am in love with this store and absolutely love this Harry Potter bracelet. 

It's all about those cases, skins, and accessories for your smart phones, laptops, and more. I do recommend the BookBook case. While it sells for $79.99, it is quite unique and does its job. 
I also adore this store for their literary phone cases.  I love the options and the highlighted text!

Clothes and Accessories
Bookish jewelry is always a good way to go, but let's not forget other clothing items and accessories. Scarves, leggings, dresses, skirts, socks? Yes please. I would start with Out of Print, because they're a great company in my opinion. I also highly recommend the etsy store, Storiarts, more than anything else, because I am in love with the designs and the quality of their stuff. I have the Jane Eyre scarf, and it washes and wears so well. For leggings, I highly recommend these Hamlet leggings. They're $75 each, but your bookish person would no doubt adore it. For general nerdiness and a lot of bookish related items, check out this amazing store, NerdAlertCreations. I have their classic covers infinity scarf, and I loved it as a gift. For more custom style shirts, I recommend Redbubble as it features different artists and there's tons of options!

For Your Bookish Home 
Want your home to smell like old books? A library? Try candles. I like this fun line of bookish themed candles. For book inspired candles, check out this etsy store. 
Mugs are always a good idea. I love the banned books mug of course, and I love this one as well. 
Want bookish coasters? Look no further because Out of Print has some cool ones.
And of course... pillows. This is a favorite of mine. I love the font, the quality, and the price. 


What are some of your favorite bookish gifts that you've either given or received? 

Recommendations: Disturbing Books

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Since it's the month of October and it's almost Halloween, I figured I should make a list of books that not only I highly recommend, but that I found are incredibly disturbing. These books aren't necessarily horror novels, but they definitely disturbed me to no end, and I do appreciate an old fashioned creepy-can't-get-it-out-of-my-mind story. In no particular order.

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn 
I figured I would begin with the latest book that disturbed me. This book wasn't perfect, but it was 100% effective in terms of giving me the creeps. It's such a thrilling, suspenseful page turner that left me with a few goosebumps along the way. Gillian Flynn has a knack for creating messed up characters, and she does it so well that I believe every word! I did see the movie adaptation, and I thought it was so good! The actress that played one of the characters here was great, and I highly, highly recommend everybody to watch it, even if you're not interested in reading the book. But the book... always read the book first ;)

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess
Next up is a classic disturbing book! A Clockwork Orange has Alex, who is one of the most memorable characters ever. He will forever be stuck in my mind. Such a well-structured and engaging story! I do have to admit though that there's something extra special and extra disturbing about the movie adaptation. The actor that plays Alex just truly captures everything about the character, and I love everything about the movie. Such a classic film, and something I wish everyone would watch at least once. 

Misery by Stephen King
Such memorable characters in here. And some of the most memorable scenes as well. If you're looking for a Stephen King book to read, check this out. It's very different from his other novels, and it's what made me appreciate King as an imaginative author. I do have to mention the movie, as Kathy Bates was incredible in it.

American Psycho by Bret Easton Elis
This list can not exist without this book. Some of the events that are told in this book have been some of the most agonizing things I've ever read. It's one of those rare books that made me put it down several times, thinking I could not continue with it! And yes, the movie... must watch. 

We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver
This book is about an unstable kid, and the story is told from the perspective of a mother who also disturbed and unstable. Put them together and you have this realistic story. I have not seen the movie adaptation, but I hear it's well done. 

Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk
Chuck Palahniuk has always been such an out there author, and I have to include his book of short stories on this list. Haunted is an amazingly well-written collection of disturbing short stories. Its themes vary, but every story is unique and well thought out. 

Because we're talking about disturbing things, I can't leave this list out without listing the most disturbing film I've ever seen - Requiem for A Dream. Based off a novel as well, but I actually haven't read it. However, the movie... *shudders*

Anyway, that's it for my list. Please let me know what you think of my picks, and if you have any recommendations for disturbing books, do recommend them. 

Readathon On A Reading Slump: It's A Go!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

I have to admit that signing up for a readathon while on a terrible reading slump sounds unwise to me, but I enjoyed my time so much last readathon in April that I knew I couldn't pass it up. Back then, I read quite a good chunk. This time around, I think I will take it easy and attempt to finish at least one book. Mostly, I plan and look forward to interacting with other readers through twitter and instagram, as those were my favorite parts in the event. 
My start time is 5am, but I do have to come in to work at 7:30-1pm. I might take a much-needed nap, but then after that, I will have the whole Saturday for the readathon. Here's my book stack.

As for snacks, I have my Snapea Crisps ready, brie and crackers for maybe night time, and lots of coffee. If interested, please check me out on:
If you have accounts for those platforms as well, please link below so I can follow you and your day tomorrow! Happy readathon, everyone!

2nd Favorite Book This Year So Far.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I finally picked up the first mystery thriller in the Millenium trilogy by Swedish author, Stieg Larsson. 
I have long avoided this book for many reasons, but I am so glad that I finally just read it, because I absolutely loved it. 
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is essentially a mystery where a journalist and a world-class computer hacker team up together to solve the mystery of someone's disappearance. While doing so, the author also delves into each of the character's own stories. I have to say that the character of the introverted and unique computer hacker, Lisbeth Salander - who is the girl with the dragon tattoo- has got to be one of the best written characters I've read about in a while. Though I can not relate with her as a character, I root for her to no end, as she lives her life exactly the way she wants to. 
The plot behind the book is intelligent and complex, and the pacing was very fast. The mass paperback was 700 pages and I read it in two days, and I'm not a fast reader at all. It was exciting, suspenseful, and difficult to put down. 
I have to say that the other thing that really engaged me here wasn't just the story itself, but the fact that this was written by someone like Stieg Larsson. The author said that when he was 15, he witnessed a gang rape and that started his abhorrence towards men that violate women.He became a political activist who truly fought and spoke up about what he believed was right. He was against violence towards women, racism, among others. Because of his background, it was easy to understand why there was so much graphic violence in here. These are things that happen in real life, and there's no use pushing it under the rug and denying it. So yes, it's dark and tough to read at times, and be warned that it can be triggering for some, but knowing the author's background makes it more profound and important, in my opinion.
I absolutely loved the book that I picked up the sequel the day after I finished it because I can't read anything else but this trilogy. So yes, at the end of the day, I highly recommend it! 5 stars!

I try to form words about Burial Rites by Hannah Kent

Friday, July 25, 2014

My blood still howls in my veins like the wind itself,and it shakes the empty nest and asks where all the birds have gone, where have they gone?

Burial Rites was a true testament to everything I said on my previous post about why I love reading so much. THIS... this is exactly why I love books. 

Truthfully I expected this book to be good before picking it up, because of so many positive things said about it, but oh my goodness, I honestly did not expect for me to feel this much for it.

First off, Hannah Kent's ability to write a factual-based story is so effortless. She gives you information in the most engaging way possible, and at the same time, lets you in the characters' world. Because of the wonderful narration, it's as if you can really hear the characters speak for themselves and you can really see everything that they go through and feel. The author not only builds this story with excellent pacing and suspense from beginning to end, but she also transports you into that very world she is painting for you. Her writing is incredibly atmospheric, that even in 80 degree weather in California, I imagined that winter chill in Iceland in the early nineteenth century. I could see the scenery, the characters, the events that took place. And the emotions I felt for these characters were indescribable.
I couldn't put this down especially towards the end.  I didn't want to blink, didn't want to read too fast for fear that I would lose these people in the story. "Not so fast, don't end yet," I kept thinking to myself. And when it did end, tears and goosebumps were inevitable. I just wanted to tell everyone how much this story touched and broke my heart.

There's honestly not much to be said aside from those above, but I will say that this is story telling at its finest. It is a beautiful story that I will remember for a long, long time. 5 stars and nothing less. My favorite read this year so far, hands down.