battle of two shows to watch on Netflix right now.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

If you are like me, you constantly find yourself on Netflix, trying to find the next best thing. That or you're just so bored you feel like you are willing to watch anything. Well, I find myself in that position all the time. Recently, I have finished the first seasons of two shows that were recommended to me by some friends. 


Both are pretty popular at the moment, but I would suggest skipping Scandal and highly recommend Orange is the New Black.

To be fair, both premises are very intriguing and interesting - that's the main reason I decided to try them both and stick through until the end of the first season. The only thing is, I feel like Scandal has too many one dimensional characters that I don't even find very likable. The writing and directing as well, just seems so forced to me. Orange has so many multilayered characters to discover. It's awesome writing, and it doesn't feel so contrived. 

Just my opinion, of course. 

If you've seen these two unique shows, which one do you prefer, and which one would you recommend? 


  1. Orange is the new black isnt my thing. My fiance loved it and watched it. I dislike prison movies and shows in general though. Havent heard of the other one.

  2. I adored both these shows. Tough call. But I would have to say Scandal, since season three is starting soon, and you have months and months before OITNB releases a new season. It ends on a torturous cliffhanger, and you'll want more instantly.

  3. I think I'm the only one on this planet that does not like Orange is the New Black. I've never watched Scandal though I think I would like it.

  4. I want to watch both these! I've heard so many good things about OITNB in particular.

  5. I have never heard of Orange but Scandal is amazing in my opinion, haven't missed an episode since it started.