Sort These Fictional Characters: Tag: Marvel Edition

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I have a fun challenge for you fellow Harry Potter fans. I had this interesting conversation with a few friends a few weeks ago. If we were to sort some of our favorite fictional characters into Hogwarts houses, where would they go? Why would they go there? So I'll go ahead and ask you too.

Today I think we should sort our Marvel characters from the Marvel universe. It's a pretty expansive universe, and so I know there's so many more to list, but these are just some of the ones I can think of sorting. If you would like to add more characters to your own list, feel free to do so!  

I'll tell you what I think, and I challenge you to sort them yourself and explain your choices.

1. Iron Man - I think Iron Man/Tony Stark is a mix between a Slytherin and a Gryffindor, but I think that he will get sorted into Slytherin. He is naturally ambitious, clever, determined, and cunning. Those are the main qualities Slytherins have. 

2. Thor - Gryffindor. He is courageous, fights for the greater good, and is confident he will be able to do anything. 

3. Black Widow - Slytherin. She is a spy, she manipulates people, and she will do whatever she can to get what she wants. 

4. Bruce Banner (human form, not the Hulk) - Ravenclaw. I feel like Bruce Banner (in human form) is the epitome of a Ravenclaw. He likes to keep to himself, and he is a very smart, intelligent scientist. 

5. Hawkeye - Hufflepuff. I don't know much about Hawkeye, but I always feel like he is one of the most loyal of the bunch. He has stuck with Black Widow/Natasha for years, and he always stays with whoever he is sided with. 

6. Captain America - Pure Gryffindor! 

7. Loki - The most perfect Slytherin, hands down. 

8. Spiderman and Peter Parker - I think Spiderman is a Gryffindor, while Peter Parker is a Ravenclaw. 

9. Wolverine - I honestly have a hard time sorting Wolverine, because he is such a complex character. I do feel like he belongs in Gryffindor though. He is brave, and doesn't really fear anything. He will do what it takes to fight for what he thinks is right.

10. Batman - This is another one I had a hard time with. I think that Batman is a mix of all houses. He is smart, is loyal, is brave, fights for the greater good, and is also very ambitious all at the same time. I can't sort him confidently, but maybe he could go to Ravenclaw. What do you guys think?


Do you agree with my choices? I tag you all to do this challenge! Post comments below, or link me to a separate post if you make one. If you want to sort other characters from the Marvel universe, feel free to do so. Next week, we'll try to sort Lord of the Rings characters! Have fun!


  1. Hi there,
    I think you got most of them right on--though, I would question if Tony Stark wouldn't try to ask the hat to sort him into Hufflepuff just to be difficult lol! Wolverine and Batman really are hard b/c the other characters seem to have one particular trait that is MORE than the others. These guys, like you said, are a mixed bag. I think Wolverine is another one that could go Slytherin, not b/c he's bad but b/c he's so badass :). But I think he would pick Gryffindor in the end. IMO Batman might be sorted into Gryffindor b/c of his loyalty to the people, courage and smarts. I think you did a great job here. What a fun post!
    Ninja Girl

  2. +JMJ+

    This is a fun exercise! =D I'd sort Bruce Wayne into Slytherin because he has a moral code of his own and could have easily used his intelligence and money for evil, had his childhood been different. Kind of like Severus Snape, if you think about it! ;-)

    I also think that Peter Parker would be a good Hufflepuff because of his selflessness. =)

  3. Batman is not Marvel ;)

    I would sort Hawkeye into Slytherin. He had a trying upbringing and was a lone wolf for much of his career, looking out for mainly himself above all. Note that loyalty is not necessarily something Slytherins don't have -- best exemplified by Narcissa's loyalty to her family.