Gift Guide for the Literary People In Your Life

Thursday, December 4, 2014

I have done gift guides for readers before, but because the holidays are here again, I figured it's about time to make a new one. These are just some gifts for the reader and literary lover in your life.

Book Art and Book Jewelry 
I love book art. Etsy shops like BlackBaroque that feature antique book prints are great, and so is this store that has typography prints.
As for book jewelry, all you have to do is go to this link and get lost. I particularly am in love with this store and absolutely love this Harry Potter bracelet. 

It's all about those cases, skins, and accessories for your smart phones, laptops, and more. I do recommend the BookBook case. While it sells for $79.99, it is quite unique and does its job. 
I also adore this store for their literary phone cases.  I love the options and the highlighted text!

Clothes and Accessories
Bookish jewelry is always a good way to go, but let's not forget other clothing items and accessories. Scarves, leggings, dresses, skirts, socks? Yes please. I would start with Out of Print, because they're a great company in my opinion. I also highly recommend the etsy store, Storiarts, more than anything else, because I am in love with the designs and the quality of their stuff. I have the Jane Eyre scarf, and it washes and wears so well. For leggings, I highly recommend these Hamlet leggings. They're $75 each, but your bookish person would no doubt adore it. For general nerdiness and a lot of bookish related items, check out this amazing store, NerdAlertCreations. I have their classic covers infinity scarf, and I loved it as a gift. For more custom style shirts, I recommend Redbubble as it features different artists and there's tons of options!

For Your Bookish Home 
Want your home to smell like old books? A library? Try candles. I like this fun line of bookish themed candles. For book inspired candles, check out this etsy store. 
Mugs are always a good idea. I love the banned books mug of course, and I love this one as well. 
Want bookish coasters? Look no further because Out of Print has some cool ones.
And of course... pillows. This is a favorite of mine. I love the font, the quality, and the price. 


What are some of your favorite bookish gifts that you've either given or received? 


  1. Me, too! Need to send mi esposo a link to this!

  2. Bookish gifts are so awesome - love the scarf and the bracelet!

  3. I need more book art in my life! People tend to buy me book vouchers for Christmas, which I'm always happy to receive :)

  4. I really love that banned books mug! I should have bought it when I saw it on display at my local bookstore, but I was already buying too many things that day -- and of course it was gone by the time I went back! I may be tempted to order it online soon :)