Blog Survey Results!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

32 (!) people answered this survey so thank you so much for your feedback and all your help! Every single comment was read and is appreciated. Here are the questions I asked and the summary of the answers.

Do you stop by the blog frequently?
All the time - 17 people
Sometimes - 14 people
Not really - 1 person

What do you like about Random Ramblings? (I am going to list the top things you mentioned, in no specific order)
1. Top Ten Picks
2. the layout
3. that I respond to comments
4. the inspiration posts
5. conversational and open posts

What don't you like about Random Ramblings?
Most of you actually left this blank, but for those with the answers, the most common thing I saw was how Top Ten Picks is difficult sometimes to participate in because making a list of ten things every week is challenging. There were few (about 3 people) that said how they don't really like my style of reviewing. I wish I knew how to improve my reviewing for everyone, but the style I do now is what I'm most comfortable in, and I'm sorry if it doesn't please everyone.

Is/are there any post/s in particular that you really liked?
Almost everyone mentioned the Top Ten Picks posts :) Oh and I got really excited when you let me know that you really enjoy my "inspiration" posts and character-inspired outfits!! I love doing those! Few listed my "rants" as their favorites too, so thank you!! Haha.

Posts you don't really like or don't care about?
Only two people answered this part and said that they don't read the reviews.

What do you think of the TOPTENPICKS meme?
Most answered this question and stated that this is their favorite thing on the blog. Some also said that it is actually the reason why they followed me in the first place (as they saw this meme from other participant's blogs) As I mentioned though, most comment on the fact that it is about top ten lists, and sometimes, it's a little bit difficult to do that every week.

Do you mind reading posts that are not related to books?
Most say they don't mind, and sometimes would even like to see the variety, but agree that it really depends on what the other topics are. I rarely do posts that aren't related to books and bookish things, but it was great to know others' thoughts on this.

How about personal posts?
Everyone (all 32) they like personal posts. Personally, I love reading others' personal posts because to me, that's what sets them apart from the other book bloggers. Yes, good quality posts are a must, but the personalities of the blogger and the overall blog are what keeps me coming back.

Other comments:
Most say they enjoy this blog.

Thank you so much to those who took their time to fill out the form. If you haven't yet, but would like to, please feel free!


  1. Great to know Jillian. I actually told myself after participating in your survey, that the top tens that I enjoy I should participate in even if I only have 5.

  2. Glad you got some good feedback! Keep up the good work!