Why I Love Book Blogging # 2

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I have always been a huge book worm. However, starting a blog devoted to books and reading made the word, "book worm," mean and weigh so much more! Through book blogging, learning and discovering new things have become much more of a regular, if not a daily, occurence. First off, I feel like I'm a lot more open to new ideas now than I was before. I'm also more open to hearing other people's opinions on books. I have tried out so many new genres, authors, and titles. I picked up books that I would never even have considered in the past. And with book blogging, I have also become much more aware of the book industry; author events, book releases, and general news. Before, I was pretty much clueless with the industry. I mean who knew authors actually respond to emails, publishers send out reviewer copies, and that some book bloggers are actually considered as "Press??" I know I didn't.

Reading has also turned from just a simple hobby that I do for fun, to something I'm incredibly passionate about, and that has become very 'educational' and helpful for me. With discovering new books and reviewing them, I think a lot more critically, without bias. This, I truly believe, helps me greatly with a lot of different things in everyday life. With writing, with my job as a tutor, with school.. it really does make a huge difference.

Generally, I just feel as if my "book knowledge" so to speak, has become more broad than I ever expected it would be. I have gained more knowledge, and the best part is, I still continue to do so everyday.

So I wonder, are you like me; Has reading, writing, and books in general changed or evolved into something else for you since you started book blogging? Have you tried out genres you never thought you'd ever try? And are there things that book blogging and reviewing taught you that you are able to apply in your everyday life? Do share.


  1. Yes, book blogging has definitely changed my hobby of reading into a passion! I'm not as savvy as some when it comes to publisher review copies, author events, etc. but I now read for a more social purpose--to share ideas with new friends online. Thanks for bringing up a topic that we can all appreciate yet don't stop & think about very often :o)

  2. I don't know. I tend to review all the books I read now (though I did review some of them on Amazon.com before I had my blog). I'm not sure if I've branched out at all in my reading choices. I used to read all kinds of stuff anyway, so I don't know if reading all sorts of other book blogs had any impact (although I might read more YA fiction now, since that's what a lot of the blogs talk about).

    I have learned about things like ARCs and NetGalley, which I probably wouldn't have known about if not for following the blogs of others. It's always cool to learn something new.

  3. Good question! I think I pay more attention to what I'm reading and why I like something.

  4. Writing reviews has made me read faster and more obsessively. I suspect it's making my writing better too. As for blogging, I'm working on it--never did learn how to keep a journal, so the book reviews do help.

  5. I had no idea about the Book Industry, I am so impressed and it thrills me to bits when authors stop by the blog to comment or even take the time to email, so touching.

    I have definitely tried out of my norm genres, dystopian (which I don't enjoy) YA (which depends) and Memoirs (which I look forward to reading more about)