the worst reading slump in two years.

Friday, January 20, 2012

I have blogged time and time again about this happening. Reading slumps are inevitable; we all know they're bound to happen. So usually when it does happen, I just have to stop reading, and carry on. Sooner or later, I will start to miss it.

Unfortunately for me, this slump doesn't seem like it's going away.

I have not read a single book in two months.

I haven't felt excited about picking up a book or talking about anything reading-related in a while now.
Surely there's something wrong with me. Tell me how to get over this odd bump, because I do miss the feeling. Not entirely sure how. Just give it time, I guess?

So tell me, what gets you over a reading slump? What gets you inspired to pick up a book again? And if there are any specific titles that never fails to do the trick, please recommend them!


  1. I hate reading slumps. I had reading slumps when I hadn't read anything for months, too. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out the right recipe for beating it - I guess only time does that and the right book when it comes along. I have beaten some minor reading slumps by rereading something familiar (or even better, one of my favorite books, such as LOTR or Twilight) or picking up a comfort read, for me that is a romance. It doesn't always work, though - I guess each reading slump is different.

    Don't worry too much, just do other things you enjoy besides reading.

  2. I went through a 5 year reading slump! I couldn't bare to even look at the books I once loved to read. However, I did pick up light re-reads once in a blue moon...and of course, while I didn't read much fantasy during that time, I found it was the only genre I could handle during that slump. I think, maybe if you try something fun and light -- something that doesn't require you to do anything, including using your thinking cap, but allows you to just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride -- you might get back into reading quicker. Just might. :)

  3. Oh no, seems to be a lot of reading slumps going around, I think it is the stress of real life and balancing with the love of reading.

    I go to a verse novel. Also, Ellen DeGeneres book was so funny, that helped to get me out of my recent slump.

  4. I went through the biggest reading slump I've had in years last summer. I barely read half a book in 3 months. I didn't care about books anymore. I think it was a combination of new interests, not enjoying the books I was reading and blogging becoming a chore. I felt bad about it at first but then I realised that nothing bad would happen because I didn't read or blog - the world wasn't going to end. I decided to focus on other things I enjoy doing, and then after some time I suddenly found myself wanting to read again. I chose a book very carefully; something fun that didn't require too much thought but was still engaging. Luckily I found the right book and after I had finished it all I wanted to do was keep reading.

    I think my point is this: Try not to worry about it. Feeling guilty or annoyed or whatever will only make you want to read even less. Find something else to do; a new hobby, a new tv show, listen to some music. Be patient. I'm sure that when you least expect it, you'll want to pick up a book and start reading. Good luck. :)

  5. That's the worst. To get over reading slumps I usually read fun books by my favorite authors and that tends to help. Maybe dip into a bit of HP or pick up a copy of The Fault in Our Stars.

  6. I am still kinda in a slump, but more like a slow reading slump. Used to read 2 books a week (unless it's a thick one) but now it's taking me over a week...

    I found some graphic novels I liked (though they are in Chinese) and that helps. The only book that I read recently that made me read fast was Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys. A YA historical WWII novel.

  7. I went through this a couple of summers ago. First, I had to get rid of the book that caused it. Not just stop reading it, but get it out of my house to get rid of the bad mojo. Next, I went to my real staples, my old faithfuls and true loves. I went to classics that I reread often, and also to my favorite genre, and didn't worry about not reading more widely. Good luck!

  8. I hate reading slumps too. I suggest going to the bookstore or to the library? Good luck!

  9. Sorry to hear that. I'm with Avid Reader--re-read an old favourite. I would go with Harry Potter. It's impossible to read HP and not feel bookishly refreshed :) Hope that helps.

  10. Oh no!
    Try something really short and easy.
    Like verse (Marce suggested this) or a graphic novel (Christa suggested this).
    Maybe an audio? Something that doesn't require reading at all.
    But try a short one.
    Maybe some Neil Gaiman?
    I always break slumps by totally changing gears and going for a genre I normally never check out. Good luck!

    Miss you btw!

  11. Thank you all for your suggestions.. I was reading the Book Thief again today and it kind of made me look forward to reading again! We will see :)