rate 2012 + resolutions?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We here rate books all the time. I figured though since it's 2013 and we're all looking forward to a fresh new year ahead, I would ask you guys two things:

1. If you could rate your entire 2012 from 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest) what would you rate it? You can elaborate on why you rated it that way, but I guess I'm just curious.

2. Do you have any new year's resolutions? And do you firmly believe you would keep it?

I would rate 2012 with an 8. An 8 is awesome, I think. There's plenty of room to grow and improve, but overall, it was a happy time. Compared to 2011 (which I will rate as a 5.5) that is a huge step up. I am most definitely looking forward to this year. And as far as resolutions go, mine would be to blog more. I love blogging. I can't quit it. I hate it when I have a blogging slump. So my goal is to inspire myself even more to continue on here. Try something new. Write more. Write better. Learn basic photography. Comment on people's posts. And of course, be happy.

Cheers to the new year!


  1. Glad to hear this year was better for you! :)

  2. Nice :)
    Great questions!
    For me the year would be an 8.
    It was awesome but there was lots of sleeplessness with the new baby. But I feel so blessed it's not even funny.
    Not really.
    I'm more of a mantra girl.

    1. An 8 is awesome, Juju! I'm sure like you said it's a blessing to have the new baby (despite the lack of sleep) :)

  3. Happy New Year

    Books 7 overall (due to reading slump from grieving)
    Family Life 5, 2 losses(brother and motherInlaw) and mom issue
    Work 5 just ugggh

    I so look forward to this year and count down to moving in our house as a family, 13 months countdown.

    Appreciative of life and all things I give a 9

    1. I'm sorry about your loss and for work being work. But I am glad that overall this year is going to bring a more positive change that you've been looking for! :) Happy New Year Marce.