stress and book buying.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I buy books all the time, but there's something about splurging a little when you're feeling a little stressed.

I am guilty of this!

While I very much enjoy going to the mall and shop for clothes here and there, I will say my biggest form of retail therapy is buying books. I am sure you all understand this problem - buying more books than you really need. That saying, "So many books, so little time" definitely rings true, especially when your book order comes in the mail and you realize you have no more space for them in your room/house. Not to mention that you don't really have the time to read one more book... when you have about 100 ones you should be paying attention to first. 

I know this is kind of random, but I want to know and hear from you guys because I know for sure I am not alone in this! Do you ever treat yourself to a little retail therapy when stressed out? Do you keep buying books when you don't necessarily need another one? Tell me. 


  1. Oh yes, I am constantly buying books when I don't need any more - which is why I'm on a book buying ban this year. I'm sure I'll slip occasionally, but REALLY? I have hundreds of unread books that I just 'had' to have at the time and haven't touched since, it's ridiculous. It's not like I'm a super-fast reader either, so the ratio of bought books to read books is massively skewed!

    I definitely think my biggest temptations will come when I'm stressed out. In summer, for example, the bookshop can get very busy, and there can be lots of screaming kids and moaning folks and people yelling into mobiles and books getting damaged, and I must admit that when I get really frazzled I get this kind of urge to go into town and soothe my spirits with a little charity shop bookshelf-raiding. It's sometimes my reward if I've been clothes shopping too, because I like book shopping better. I'm going to have to keep a tight rein on it this year and find another way to treat myself after a bad day! :)

  2. I do indulge in a little retail therapy on occasion, but it's always within my budget. Although, I usually go for tea instead of books.

    - Jackie

  3. I tend to be pretty good at controlling myself. I'm kind of the opposite. When I get money or credits I can decide how to spend it.

    1. :) Good for you! I am good at controlling myself as well. It just feels good to spend a little sometimes!

  4. Last year I started following the blogs of LitBloggers and one of the things I noticed was that they allowed themselves to buy books to add to their TBR (to be read) piles. Some of these piles were enormous. I also noticed the number of books people were reading in a year. I was gob smacked. My wish list and Kindle samples are my TBR pile. Recently I've been a little easier on myself, I like the idea of being free to buy books with the intention to read them but withou having a rigid commitment to do it before you allow yourself to buy another book. The other day I did something wild and reckless, I bought the printed version of an audio book I own and love. Yes, wild and reckless I allowed myself to own two formats of the same book. (Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg) so this action opened, not quite the flood gates of desire, but a door opened. Then, oh yes I wasn't finished, I bought the printed version of a Library book I'd read. LitBloggers have given me the keys to the inspiration castle.

  5. Yes, I'm a complete bibliophile and always buying books. One day my friend and I were having a horrible day so for stress relief we went and browsed the bookstore for hours. Getting out and doing this helped.