Outfit Ideas: Hogwarts Houses

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sometimes thinking of what to wear can be incredibly boring and mundane. That's why sometimes, when I'm feeling blah and just want inspiration from something, I look towards books. 

For this post, I want to show some outfit ideas I put together that are inspired by the Hogwarts houses in the Harry Potter series. They may or may not be completely accurate, but when I see these pieces together, I always think of the color themes for the four houses. I thought I would share some with you.


Ravenclaw was a bit of a challenge. Blue and bronze aren't necessarily the easiest colors to put together. I also realized that while I have a lot of blues, I have no bronze colors in my closet. This was the only thing that came close to an acceptable bronze-y color.

This is more of a tough-Hufflepuff look. Leather jacket (faux), combat boots, black skinny jeans. I like it paired with the more feminine-looking yellow cami.

This is for the very girly Slytherin. The cardigan is more olive than Slytherin-green, but when worn altogether, I think it works. 

I would pair this up with gold flats as I think it will just look so much better, but the nude flats is all I have. Also, a maroon sweater would look extra polished, so I would wear that instead of this hoodie for a different look. Red lips would be a nice touch, and a gold headband would be kind of cute.


I would like to hear what you think! Do you think these are close enough to the houses' colors? Do you incorporate bookish things to your outfit? And if you have suggestions as to what book or character I should try to do next, please let me know! 


  1. I've always thought I would make a good Hufflepuff.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Juju! I saw your tweet. Hope others could read my post! haha.

  3. +JMJ+

    I just peeked into my wardrobe. Apparently, I'm already a Ravenclaw! =P

    The "faux-Hufflepuff" look with the leather jacket is kind of cool. There's no reason the students in the "nicest" house can't have a little edge. ;-)

    1. do you know that I'm officially a Hufflepuff? haha. I actually wore that outfit out the other week and got a lot of compliments. Little did they know I really had the HP books in mind.