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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just thought you guys might like this ;)

They also do the skins for the Macbook Pro, iPod, etc.
You can purchase it here!
I might just actually give in and get it.


  1. These skins are really great! I have them for all my electronics...the artwork is original and the skins are thin! Plus these thin skins has saved my I-pod many many times!

  2. 0oo0oh Rachael, thanks for the comment. Nice to know that these are good skins. The only thing stopping me was actually me just wondering if they're of good quality. I have seen other comments that say the same thing, so... I think I'm gonna get it! haha.
    @Mama Bookworm: I know, it's just too difficult to resist them :)

  3. great skins! found your blog through book blogger hop!

    from Reading The Best of the Best

  4. That is so cute. I wouldn't mind having one, since I started reading ebooks on my iPod.

  5. +JMJ+

    I've seen someone use this design for a blog header, and I've always loved it. If I had any Mac stuff, I'd definitely invest in this skin!