Christmas + Blog Anniversary: Giveaway!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Please watch the video in order to find out how to enter the giveaway. Thanks everyone!
PS - I hate Youtube for not letting their users select their own video thumbnail. Hence, the awkward face still below. Haha.

*If you dont celebrate Christmas, or a similar holiday, then just tell me your favorite thing about December!


  1. Your room looks lovely, Jillian! I would love to enter. My favorite thing about Christmas is being with my family! I moved out a year ago from my parent's house and since then, I have just missed their company so much. This Christmas, all my older siblings that have also their own places, are all going to be in one house again as a family.

    Merry Christmas to you sweetie!

  2. Happy Holidays! Thanks for the contest!
    The best thing about Christmas is spending time with my parents. Usually they are very busy or too tired from work.
    Merry Christmas!


  3. Yay, another xmas lover! I love everything about the holidays: the snow, the smell, the music, meeting my family+friends. But my fav thing about xmas is that my mom and I bake cookies, and for a whole day it looks like Santa's fabric in our kitchen:DOn that day I always eat so many different types of cookies, that I got stomachache, but the fun is definitely worth it:)
    Wish you Happy Holidays and a beautiful Christmas!xoxo


  4. Well, my favorite thing about Christmas would probably be the decoration. I mean, decorating the Christmas tree and all. It's so pretty! Also, giving presents make me feel great... As much as receiving some, too. I love, love, love it. Being with my family and meeting other family members or friends that I haven't seen for a long time is awesome as well. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway, Jill. Merry Christmas!


  5. First of all, happy blog birthday...a little early!

    I am a true Christmas fanatic. I love all things Christmas, which is why I have a year round Christmas blog ( My favorite thing about Christmas is just everything. I love sharing Christmas music, books and movies with my sons. Decorating the tree and the house. And making sugar cookies is a cherished yearly tradition. I also love giving gifts to loved ones and seeing their faces light up with delight.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway and Merry Christmas!


  6. +JMJ+

    You look lovely, Jillian! Never mind the awkward pose. (Let's hope YouTube gets a bit more flexible in the future!)

    My favourite thing about Christmas is getting to kick back and read, read, read, READ! With something chocolatey to enjoy--either cookies or a hot drink. I've been enjoying Christmas vacations all my life, thanks to the very wise decision to yoke my career to education. When students are on their break, so am I!

    altaemoeniaRomae [at] Gmail [dot] com

  7. My favorite thing about the holidays is seeing all of the family members I don't see on a regular basis!

  8. There is so much I love about Christmas. One of my favorite things about it though is giving back to my family and finding gifts for them I think they will love. I also really like decorating the tree :)
    I am a follower. Thank you for the giveaway!
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  9. Christmas is my favorite holiday, so it's pretty hard to narrow down things I love about it! I think if I had to choose, I'd say just the general feel of the season. Y'know, spending time with family, how everyone's cheery, how it's such a peaceful time...I guess just the warm and fuzziness of the season :)

  10. i have no volume right now so i have no idea what you said, but i can guess from the answers, is it international? ill take my chances, my favorite thing is doing absolutely nothing on Christmas since i don't celebrate it lol!

    *Bet you didn't see that answer coming* :D

  11. Your blog anniversary is on the 10th of January? OMG! Same here :)

    Since I don't celebrate Christmas, so what I love about December is the holiday! :)
    I got t spend time with my family and I can be more productive.
    I will find things to do and put a lot of effort in it so that I don't waste my holidays!

  12. I absolutely LOVE Christmastime! I love listening to Christmas music why baking cookies and then of course the excitement of waking up on Christmas morning is unbeatable!

    cheercfa07 at aol dot com

  13. i love this time of year!! this is the time to relax for me because i got a break from school and the thing i love most about christmas time is being with family.


  14. Michelle - Thanks so much! I have to say I love giving presents as well and seeing their reactions. That is the best for me.

    E - Thank you! And I have to agree with you. I am on Christmas break as well because well, I am a student still as well as a teacher, and school's out! :)

    Allie - I have to agree. I see mine on Christmas eve and NY eve and that's pretty much it!

    throuthehaze - I love giving my loved ones presents and seeing their reactions! That is the best :)

    Jess - I definitely have to agree with you. The "general feel" of the season is my favorite thing about it as well.

    blueicegal - Haha, I put on the blog post that if you don't celebrate Christmas or a similar holiday, you can just put your favorite thing about December, but your answer is perfectly fine! Thanks for entering the giveaway :)

    Mizz Yasmin - How cool! I guess we're celebrating on that day huh?? Get yourself a cupcake as a treat haha :)

    Meagan - Christmas music's the best! Once you listen to it, you're in a Christmasy mood almost instantly.

    marian - Relaxing is good.. break is good! Haha. Enjoy :)

  15. May - thanks hun! Merry Christmas to you too.

    Misha - It's always nice to have more free time especially during the Holidays..

    Miss Page-Turner - Haha I LOVE LOVE Christmas if that isn't obvious already. You should check out my "holiday tag" post and maybe you could do it too :)

    Raila - I do love Christmas decor :) Happy Holidays dear!

  16. Oh thank you! My favourite thing about christmas has got to be the presents! :p and the christmas tree, and the christmas songs woot! We don't really have traditions or christmas dinner and etc here.

    feeyonachan at gmail dot com

  17. My favorite thing about Christmas is our family traditions. Even though only one sibling is still living at home, we all get together on my Dad's birthday to watch It's A Wonderful Life. We also all try to come home before Christmas and decorate my parents' tree together.

    cla37619 at gmail dot com

  18. I love BAKING! Even though today I was complaining that baking is taking away from my reading time, but I still love to do it. And the holiday season is a great reason for me to bake all the time. I love giving friends and family homemade goodies as gifts or along with gifts.


  19. jacmom above me is my sister and I think my favorite thing is to eat her baking...mmm! She makes great cookies! :)

    jasminediana13 at gmail dot com

  20. Congrats on your blogaversary! You always have such meaningful posts. Thanks for the giveaway, too.
    kimbaldwin74 at yahoo dot com

    What's not to love about Christmas or December. I love reading the cozy christmas books that come out every year. Something my hub and I started 26 years ago is hosting our extended family party for the married couples (no children). Always so fun, especially the years we played our version of the Newlywed Game.

  21. My favorite thing about Christmas is seeing my family.
    amandarwest at gmaildotcom

  22. Hii! My favorite thing about Christmas holidays is the atmosphere, I don't know exactly how to put it into words, but everybody is so happy! The typical music of Christmas always reminds me of the parties that my family hosted - full of good food and the expecation before opening the presents, but, most of all, the thing that make this holiday so special to me is that everybody in these parties are always so happy just to be together celebrating! :))

  23. Thanks for the fab giveaway!
    My favourite thing about December is that it's my birthday in December! (The 17th, today:)


  24. Fi-Chan - Giving presents and recieving them are nice and the decorating the Christmas tree, of course!

    Julie - I definitely agree with you. Also, I love that movie!

    jacmom - Love baking too! It's the perfect
    thing to do especially during winter days and nights!

    jasmine - Haha the 'food taster' job is always fun huh.

    Kim - Thank you so much! You've been one of those that have been there pretty much since the start of this blog!

    amandawk - Same :)

    Giu - That is exactly what I love about the holidays as well. Aside from having more time with my family and my closest friends, just the overall atmosphere is worth celebrating!

    Kulsuma - Aw happy birthday! :)

  25. My favorite thing to do during Christmas time is bake cookies!

    Thanks so much!

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  27. Wow, cool giveaway :D I'd like to enter...
    I've got a favorite tradition about Christmas and that is going out and looking at Christmas lights, and also opening one present on Christmas eve :D

  28. Hi Jill!! This is awesome and happy blogerversary in advance!!

    I don't celebrate Xmas but December is holiday time and I loved it!! Still remember when I was a boy, I used to sit in front of tv the whole day just to watch cartoons. Santa clause, rain-deers, gifts, magic, etc..haha!! This brings back memories!!!

    CJ@ Coffee N Crackers

  29. Happy one year blogerversary! :D My favorite things about Christmas is definitely being with my family. I'm lucky enough to have a big family that I'm close with, and not many people can say the same thing. Of course, the Christmas presents bit doesn't hurt much. And I lovelovelove Christmas music. And the food. And the decorations. -sigh-

  30. Hello Jill! Happy Blogoversary and Merry Christmas! hope you have a great celebration with family and friends and books too!

  31. My favourite thing about Christmas is wandering around the neighbourhood looking at the pretty Christmas lights and ofc, the presents haha.

    Thanks for the international giveaway x]


  32. Ohh..although this past christmas kinda stunk for me with everything I had going on. I think it's a great time of the year for family to get together, and just enjoy each others company.

    bookserieslover @

  33. Congratulations on your One Year Blogoversary! And I hope you had a Merry Christmas too. My favorite thing about Christmas is family. We are so busy enjoying everyone that we forget about all the other stresses of everyday life.

    Something special for me this year was that my kids were old enough to be exticed about Christmas (age 4 and 3). It took us 8 years until we finally were able to adopt our first child. So these moments are made of dreams come true.

    Happy new year.

  34. Well, here I am fashionably late!! I like the whole festive shebang: dancing and singing to myself to the carols in stores, buying intuitive gifts that astound and delight, wrapping gifts and making bows, cooking and baking, being cozy with family-- Oh, you wanted just one favorite-- ah well, you know settling on one thing is impossible for me! ;o)

    Congrats, bloggy friend! Here's to another great year!

  35. Last day to enter, nothing like coming in at the end of a party :)

    My favorite thing about Christmas is playing Santa at my families Christmas party. Frustrates the kids sometimes cause they want to do it, and they want there's now, but I love it, cause they get so happy when I find one for them.

    thanks for the giveaway
    jlynettes @ hotmail . com