Top Ten Picks: Book Covers

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Top Ten Picks is an original meme here on the blog where I pick a specific topic, make a list, and post them up here. For a list of previous topics, click here.

This week, the spotlight is on our favorite book covers! You can pick them for whatever reason. you want. As long as you adore the cover art, they count. Without further adieu, here are my favorite covers, in no particular order!


1. Everlasting by Angie Frazier
Lavender purple and baby blue together is just simply beautiful. This cover is elegant, sophisticated, and just plain stunning! I have not read the book yet but it also seems to fit the whole fairy tale-ish plot line of this one. Oh, and another reason why I absolutely adore this cover is that it reminds me a lot of the "Kiss the Girl" scene in Disney's A Little Mermaid.

2. Halo by Alexandra Adornetto
This is another one on my TBR list, but haven't read yet. I love everything about this one. The lighting, the sun, the shadows, the font and writing style of the title. I would seriously read this even if I didn't know anything about it yet, just because of the cover.

3. Chocolat by Joanne Harris
I have to admit; I liked the movie a lot more than I liked the book. But it's an interesting and intriguing story -- not to mention, yummy, with all the chocolate goodness that surrounds it. This cover doesn't give away too much; in fact, it doesn't even have a photo of a chocolate or any baked goods. Still, the colorful design that borders the gorgeous photo of a quiet town appeals to me a lot.

4. Sunflowers by Sheramy Bundrick
The story itself could have been better, but I still thought it was a very good and interesting read. This cover art, doesn't give away much, but at the same time, it gives off the artistic vibe that the book has. It's sunny, it's colorful -- it's Vincent Van Gogh's story, and I can't imagine the cover to be any less than it is.

5. The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton
- Beautiful story, beautiful characters, beautiful cover art! It gives off a very The Secret Garden-ish by Frances Hodgson Burnett --my favorite childhood book-- feel to it. I can't help but love it. I also adore the font. I love the vines that are used as borders. It's just perfect to me, and it really relates to the whole feel of the novel itself. Highly recommended book by the way, if you have not yet read it.

6. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
There are so many different versions and editions of this timeless classic, but this has got to be my favorite cover art! I actually do own this, as I got it as a gift for my birthday, and I love it! It's whimsical. It's pink! There's black and white writing on it. Those are my most favorite color combinations, so it's obvious I had to pick this. It is just gorgeous! I can seriously look at it for a long time.. and sometimes I do.

7. The Dressmaker's Child by William Trevor
- I got this as a gift for my birthday as well, and I haven't actually finished it yet. It's a collection of short stories by a rather talented writer, and am loving it so far. The cover, is what initially grabbed my attention. It didn't matter to me that I have never heard of this before. Right when I saw it, it was like love at first sight. I was sold.

8. Thoughts on Peace in an Air Raid by Virginia Woolf
- This little one was a required reading material during my freshman year in college in an English class. I was prepared to be bored, just because it was required reading, but to my surprise, I found that I actually really enjoyed this one. I do remember though, times when I just sat there, staring at the lovely cover. With that pop of color and the pretty font -- it is so simple, yet so eye-catching and attractive to me. It just exudes mysteriousness, and it was perfect for such an intriguing book.

9. Playing with the Grown-ups by Sophie Dahl
- Gaahh. If you ever get to see this in person, pick it up and stare at it. Touch it and feel how soft the cover is! Is that creepy? Maybe, but I don't really care. It's pink, white, and grey. It's whimsical, feminine, and playful. Oh and those cute shadowy image drawings! I just adore everything about this cover!

10. Pegasus by Robin McKinley
- I am not sure if this is even released yet, but look. at. that. cover! How could I not include that here? First off, you should know all about my fascination with Greek mythology. So to have a book with Pegasus as a title, matched with a cover that shows the actual mythical animal, combined with a rather lovely scenery, and a gorgeous font, there was no way I could ignore it.

If you would like to join in, and I do hope you do, all you have to do is:
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I absolutely love this topic, and enjoyed listing my picks. For more Top 10 covers, see The Broke and Bookish. Looking forward to hearing from you this week! :)


  1. Hi Jillian - I said I'd let you know and yes it does come through full-feed now! :) Thanks for changing it.

    Love your book cover choices, btw!

  2. I was just thinking how beautiful Playing Grown-Ups is!

  3. beautiful covers! I was planning to do last weeks topic since it suited me but time got away from me-- darn.

  4. STUNNING! I'm so onboard with this! Will post my own soon.

  5. Maybe we should judge books by their covers after all! Love the Alice one especially--it's girly but kind of vampy, too with the black & pink. I'm in...I'll get my picks up soon.

  6. I want that version of Alice and Wonderland!!

  7. Ahh Jillian..please delete my first entry on Mr. Linky. I copy and pasted the wrong url!! This is my brain on 3 hours of sleep!! lol

  8. ooooh I love all those covers...whimsical and ethereal covers are my favourites :)

  9. Halo cover is gorgeous, totally agree.

  10. great post Jillian, I love a pretty book cover.
    All the ones you listed are lovely. I like the movie Chocolat better than the book also.

  11. Amanda - Awesome, thank you so much!!

    Juju - It really is.. I could just stare at it all day.

    Lesa - It's okay, you already know it's never too late to do a topic even when it's finished. :)

    Andi - Yay! Looking forward to it!

    Teacher/Learner - So nice to have you with us this week! :)

    Jamie - I will, but I can't figure out how to delete it for some reason! I've done it before though so I'll try to do it again. Thanks for linking :)

    Melissa - Mine too! That and really creepy yet strikingly beautiful ones.

    Marce - I just saw it in person today when I went to the bookstore and it's just as gorgeous as it is in photos!

    naida - Yeah, there was something so fascinating with Johnny Depp and the other cast! I also like that I could actually see the chocolate and the store itself.. haha.

  12. Oh, some beautiful covers there!

    I love the idea to pick 10 covers. If I find the time today or this weekend, I'll join in!

  13. I love The Forgotton Garden cover!

  14. Oh I love the cover of Halo as well. :) I might do this too. It's a fun exercise. Ah, I'm a new follower over from blog hopping. :)

  15. So many nice book covers. I like the Alice in Wonderland one and Everlasting one very much.