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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I've been asked by a couple of book blogger friends on Twitter the same question lately; "Where have you been?!" Yes, I know, I've been MIA for the last couple of days.. if not weeks, actually, as evident with the lack of posts and/or the lack of enthusiasm for them. I haven't even been able to read either. For some odd reason, I've been getting sick a lot lately; having on and off flu-like symptoms accompanied with nausea and some other not-so-fun stuff. My mom keeps telling me to get a blood test yet again, and I will do that asap.. Thankfully, I am feeling a lot better :) Now I'm just trying to get back on things!

Here's a not-so-exciting look on how things have been like around here lately. Lazy, gloomy.. this is how it is when all I have been trying to do is go to work, go home, and catch up on sleep. I only get 3-4hours of sleep, average, and I'm seriously trying to change that.



I hope you're doing much better, and I'd love to hear what you're currently reading right now just for ideas and inspiration, because on Friday, I am going to have to take a trip to the library and borrow a lot of books. I am in great need of some reading time.


  1. I'm glad your back! I'm currently reading Running with Scissors and am about to finish it, so I'll have to ransack my bookshelves for something fun to read before the weather gets to yucky.

  2. What pretty pictures! :)
    If you're going to the library, I highly recommend Birthmarked by Caragh O'Brien if you haven't read it already. :) It's amazing!

  3. Health is everything so take care of yourself!

    I just finished the last Fablehaven and us Mrs. BG girls doing a slow readalong of Emma-- to slow for me so I checked out the 3rd Percy Jackson to read too.

  4. Missed you! Hope you feel better! :)

  5. Oy, I hear you on the sleep thing. I fell asleep early last night- right after midnight (I was so proud of myself for going to sleep early!) and then woke up with a panic attack at 1 am (they sneak up on me in my sleep, darn them). I was so frustrated, I actually cried, because yeah, 3-4 hours a night is what I've been getting lately too, and I'm ready to drop. Hope you get some more sleep!!!

  6. Feel better and get some sleep. I have also been MIA from stress mainly.

    I think you will enjoy Out of my Mind.

    I'm reading Still Missing but not loving it that much so far.

  7. Sarah - Are you liking it so far? I've heard a lot of that book but have never read it yet.. let me know :)

    Savannah - 0oo0 I have not heard of that one before, so I'll definitely check out what its about! Thank you for the recommendation!

    Lesa - How are you liking Percy Jackson? :)

    Jamie - Thanks :)

    Stephanie - Insomnia is not a good thing at all.. :/

    Juju - Thank you!

    Marce - Thank you. And yes, I've read Out of My Mind and gave it 5 stars! I absolutely loved it. I wrote a review for it and believed you even commented on it, hehe :)

  8. Sorry to hear you have been out of sorts. :( A friend of mine said she stumbled on to her cure for insomnia--puzzles. Who knew! Temazapam is a great Rx sleeping pill, but I only take it 3 nights a week.

    I like to read classics and mysteries in the fall. Just finished another book of my new favorite cozy mystery sleuth, Agatha Raisin. I LOL!

  9. Kim - Puzzles.. hmm.. I should give that one a try!

  10. Your last photo looks amazing.

    I also love the old fashion colored glass. Nothing looks so amazing when the light hits in right on my window sill!

    Black Disaster Fairy

  11. hope you get better girl. things have been kind of hectic with me lately but i plan on reviewing again real soon!