I am obsessed with..

Thursday, September 16, 2010

This is a pretty random post, but I decided to do it anyway because I felt like it. I just wanted to share some random things I'm obsessed with..
  • Getting new books to read. Whether they're borrowed from the library, from a friend, and/or bought from the bookstore, I don't really care. There's just something about getting my hands on new books, and it's even better when I have never read them before. It's like finding a treasure box, with a bottomless pit, and the possibilities of finding such luxuries are endless!
  • (500) days of Summer. Have I ever told you that since I watched this a year ago, it has become one of my favorite romantic comedies! (Others include: You've Got Mail, My Best Friend's Wedding, Love Actually) There's something so fascinating, inspiring, and just plain awesome with (500) days of Summer. Maybe it's the wonderful music behind it, the really great portrayal of LA, the unique anti-chick flick story itself, the empathetic characters, the comedy, the heartwarming scenes.. it could also be because Joseph Gordon Levitt is one of my actor-crushes, and Zooey Deschanel is my #1 girl crush. Yup, it's all those reasons plus more. The writing's excellent, and it's just so funny. It's a great movie! Have you seen it yet?? Because you haven't, I think you should..
  • Iced Tea with Lemon. Recently, my mother bought this huge box of black teas that are especially made to be iced beverages. It seems as if every night I make myself one. It's just refreshing, and all-natural, so it doesn't feel like I'm drinking junk!
  • weheartit.com - I am obsessed with beautiful images and pictures, and inspiring photography.
  • Granola Bars. Seriously, my friends always tell me, "You and your granola bars." These are my go-to breakfast, and mid day snack foods. They're healthy, yet I feel like I'm eating a chocolate bar! I think I have tried every brand there is..
  • So You Think You Can Dance. Have you ever seen a dance routine from this show?! They are amaaaazzziiinnggg. This is a show that acts a bit like American Idol, but honestly for me, I don't care about the show itself.. just the dancers. They are so artistic and talented I can not stop raving about their talent and abilities! See this for just one quick sample. Let me know if you watched the linked video.
  • Mean Girls. This movie will NEVER get old. It's the ultimate movie every girl/teen/woman should watch for fun, and jokes related to this will never get old to me..
  • Ballet Flats. In all colors, but preferably black. They go with everything and with any kind of style! Some tell me that I'm crazy because they think ballet flats are uncomfortable, but I guess, I've just been so used to them and accustomed to them that it's my first choice not only for style but for comfort as well! I live in them!
  • Lip Gloss. I am not really that much of a girly girl, but I have always been obsessed with lip glosses. I collect them, and have a whole box full of them!
  • Notebooks. Different kinds. Different designs. For different purposes. I just like having them around.
What are some things you've always been or are currently obsessed with?


  1. I have been really obsessed with WESTLIFE today. Though i've been a fan since 5th grade, this year has been a great COME BACK for them. Everyday i wake up thinking of them and they're my last thought every night. Haha. Obsessed. :D

  2. Love 500 Days of Summer! I'm obsessed with flats and lipgloss, too!

    PS. I think I figured out what movie you were talking about..it came to me! Remember Me? Yes, am I right? :)

  3. 500 days of Summer!!!! Obsessed with that movie too.

  4. Novie - Westlife? Is that a band? :)

    Jamie - Yeah it's Remember Me! Have you seen it before?

    May - Haha I've watched that movie about 234304930x times and just yesterday, it was on HBO and I was watching it while having lunch..

  5. GREAT post! Getting new books, 500 days of summer, Ballet flats and notebooks would all be on my list :)

  6. What a fun list!
    I'm obsessed with reading only books on my shelf, sweet tea, and all things vintage.

  7. Hahaha, totally. I am never enough of books... I always want new books even if I have more than 30 to be read. And I never get tired of watching Mean Girls also, hahaha. Notebooks also are never enough. I love having many so I can write something. I def love notebooks. OMG. LOVED your list! Would you if I posted mine on my blog? :-)

  8. Great list. I saw (500) Days of Summer and I loved it too.

  9. Haha, definitely obsessed with SYTYCD as well. I loved the dance you posted, and the song that it is choreographed to. SYTYCD has definitely changed the world of dance, in a good way. :)
    Personally? I'm obsessed with the show Bones. I love the relationship between Bones and Booth and all the crazy cases they solve.

  10. Katie - Glad to know I'm not alone with them! Hehe :)

    Juju - I've talked about it frequently on my personal posts but I'm obsessed with vintage things too.. :)

    Raila - Feel free :D

    Avid Reader - Yay, glad someone else loves 500 days of summer as much as I do. It's just so cute!

    Audrey - SYTYCD is amazing! I have watched a live show when season 4 went on tour.. and I really liked Season 7 so I am planning to go again!

  11. I've always been a little bit obsessed with stationery. Anything to write with or write on.

    And I think I'm a little bit obsessed with buying new books at the moment. I really should try to get through what I've already got in the TBR pile!

  12. Great list :) I'm obsessed with lipgloss too! lol. Glad I'm not the only one. I really like the CoverGirl flavored ones.
    I've been wanting to watch (500) days of Summer. You've Got Mail is a favorite.

  13. I am obsessed with the CW show Vampire Diaries!