Halloween help?

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I feel funny that I am posting this up because this blog post is pretty random, and definitely not book related at all.. but I thought I'd ask you guys anyway because I love hearing all your suggestions and input and I feel like all of you are my blogger friends anyway. So I thought, why not?My question is; do you guys have any Halloween costume suggestions?? Anything at all; I'm open with pretty much any idea. Last year, I was a flower child hippie. That was a lot of fun!

This year, I wanted to be Effy Stonem from the UK show Skins, but nobody knows who she is around here! LOL. So I changed ideas and am sort of leaning on the Rosie the Riveter costume idea, but not really. See, I'm very indecisive. My friends and I don't even know what we want to do yet. Nothing is sure yet! But what do you guys think I should be? And what are you going to be? Anyway, I hope this isn't too random and weird to ask! Hehe. Thank you so much! :D


  1. Don't feel funny-- It is your blog-- and it is named 'Random Ramblings', after all! Doesn't matter if it is book related-- if it is about you it is interesting to your readers and bloggy friends. I hope you do lots more random posts!

    As for Halloween: how about a favorite literary character? One year I was Cruella and my toddler was a dalmation. A book costume would be too cute. What about a costume from your fave vintage era?

  2. A book character would be a great idea. Dennis the Menace, Where's Wally, Winnie the witch, Willy Wonka?
    Or just to be really different dress as a christmas tree. No one will have thought of that!


  3. The best costume I ever saw (and sadly never wore) was a bunch of grapes. All you need are purple balloons in bunches attached to your clothes and a green stem on a hat :oD

    Another creative & easy one I saw was a hurricane. Wrap a blue or black blanket around yourself & attach random things. Make your hair stand out on end every which way & you're done!

    Have fun :oD

  4. Thanks everyone for the ideas!!

    Lesa - I am leaning towards a rockabilly look inspired by this this video! :) I don't have to buy anything for that because I have everything in my closet :)

    Carol - I was even thinking of Hermione. I'm obsessed with Harry Potter and always wanted to go as her.. but I have no idea how to dress like her. I don't mind getting accessories (like the Gryffindor scarf that I want anyway!) but I don't really want to go have to buy clothes.

    Teacher/Learner - Wow the grapes idea is very fascinating!! I don't know if I could ever pull that off.. but I will most definitely share that idea with my guy friends as they want something along those lines! :D

  5. Steam punk. Victorian dress or frock coat and top hat; goggles, and you're there!

    Michelle in St. Helens, OREGON

  6. +JMJ+

    A few months ago, my friend had a Glee theme for her birthday party and we all had to go as a character from the show. Since it was right after Season 1, I went as a heavily pregnant Quinn Fabray. LOL! I know you like Glee, too, so I'm throwing this out there, just in case.

    If you have lots of glass beads, you can go as a Mardi Gras reveler!

    And here's a variation of the grapes costume: use clear balloons, wear white underneath, and get a silver/white wig. You'll be Lady Gaga! ;-)

    (Hmmmmm. I wouldn't be surprised if lots of people dressed as Lady Gaga this year. I'd even look out for a meat dress!)

  7. Juju - I'd love to be Katniss. The problem with book costumes is that not a lot of people are readers like us :/ Kind of sad actually.

    anon - Haha sounds cool! thanks

    E - My cousins and friends actually called me Rachel Berry before because apparently I dress exactly like her. Hmm I dunno. LOL. But I am pretty sure there'll be hundreds of Lady Gaga this year! fyi i hated that meat dress

    1. I know right! Everybody in the world should be a rabid reader like us!

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  10. Hey, I want to be Annabeth Chase for Halloween but the necklace will be hard to make/find any tips?

  11. Me and my best friend are going to be Clarisse and Annabeth from Percy Jackson and the Olympians, you asked, and I answered.