Water for Elephants.

Monday, January 24, 2011

I saw a movie last night and one of the trailers shown was Water for Elephants! I got so excited and curious to see because I honestly didn't know how they could make it into a movie. So far, just based on the trailer, I am really intrigued already.

The soundtrack and the overall feel of the movie trailer itself makes it look like it's going to be very good. I also do like Reese Witherspoon, but most especially Christoph Waltz -- from Inglourious Basterds!! And yes, if you've seen Remember Me, you probably saw Robert Pattinson in a whole new light. I think he's going to pull off this role. Oh, and a funny thing, guess what his name is in Water for Elephants... JACOB. Quite a funny coincidence, I have to admit.

I'm actually very excited to see this movie, as I really liked the book. What do you think?


  1. I liked the book, but didn't love it. However, the movie looks delish! Thanks for the still shots.:)

  2. Is it WATER FOR ELEPHANTS time yet? It seems like they've been making this movie forever! So glad that it's finally time to see it ;D
    Thanks for the pictures, Jillian!

  3. I'm also excited to see this one. The book was fabulous!

  4. I'm excited for this one. I liked the look of the trailer. I want to like Robert Pattinson (I'm not sure why). So, maybe this will be the time.

  5. As a fan of Pattinson, I must admit I was first drawn to this movie because of him. But this has made me want to read the book itself, too, which I'm really looking forward to do. I bet the movie will be awesome. :)

  6. I'm very excited to see this film since I loved the movie so much - I'm not sure how I feel with Reese Witherspoon in that role, though? She's not who I would think would be who I envisioned for that, but she's a fabulous actress so I hope she does an incredible job with this one and does it beautiful justice.

  7. I can't say I loved the book, but it was interesting. A life I knew nothing about. I would go see this movie with those cast of characters. I've always liked Reese in her movies.

  8. The movie releases April 22nd and I'm planning to see it the first weekend in May. I liked the book too, and I hope the movie gives the characters justice. I thought Pattinson was a great cast for Jacob...I've already invited some people to join me by reading the book first. I've got a discussion up on my blog to see what people's opinions are on books that have been turned into great movies...come check it out!

  9. fantaghiro - Yes, the pictures and the trailer looks so good! I'm excited.

    Juju - Me too!

    Amelia - I know! I have been hearing so many things about it and finally it's here.

    Teacher/Learner - Definitely something unique!

    Krista - I think Pattinson's a good actor, but he's getting a tainted image to some because of his role as Edward.

    Raila - Doesn't the trailer look so awesome?

    Coffee and a Book Chic - I was expecting something more young, I guess! But I was probably not picturing it well. Now that I think about it, I think Reese W. would pull off this role. She's a good actress, I think!

    Kim - Yes, it's not a favorite of mine as well but it did stand out to me. I thought it was very unique. I also do like Reese W.

    Tracey - I have also asked some of my reader friends to read the book before they watch the movie with me. I will check out your blog as well, thanks for the heads up about the discussion going on.