Everlasting by Angie Frazier

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Genre: Young Adult
Rating: 3.5 stars

Review: First of all, it has a GORGEOUS cover. I added this to my TBR list mainly because of how beautiful it looks. I am happy that I stuck to it and actually read it. Everlasting was a good read, to put it simply. It had everything I was craving from a book - an interesting plot line, "root-able" characters, and some good writing. The writing kind of made this book sound to me like an old-fashioned story, and it gave off almost like a fairy tale-ish vibe, which I loved.

Although yes, I did feel like in the end it was a bit rushed. I had a few more questions that were left unanswered, and the way it was concluded felt like it was a bit contrived. However, I think that if you just try to read this with an open-mind, you will be entertained. I myself was, and like I mentioned, I simply loved the fact that it gave off an old-fashioned, fairy tale inspired adventure/romance/historical fiction story. It was an engaging read from start to finish, and while there were a few cons here and there, overall, I thought it was a good book. I highly recommend this to anybody who likes a classy YA love story.

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