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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Earlier today, I was going through all the blogs on my list and realized two things:

1) I should unfollow some for various, non-personal reasons.
2) I need to follow more awesome bookish, literary, and nerdy-type blogs because I LOVE discovering more like-minded bloggers and read more interesting and unique content.

So.... I come to you! If you have a blog, let me know where to find you. AND! If you have a favorite blog that you can't help but visit all the time, let me know where to find them.

I do want to mention that I think I've come to a conclusion, that the type of blogs I tend to like and adore are usually the ones with:

1) a distinct and genuine personality and voice
2) an approachable blogger
3) more than just book reviews (don't get me wrong - I read your reviews ALL THE TIME, but it's nice to read other things like discussions, ramblings, and even personal posts)

So please. Recommend me a book blogger! Share the love! Tonight, I would most likely be in front of my computer, following, reading, and commenting away, as usual.

P.S. - If you'd like to see my own favorite blogs and bloggers, clickclickclick.


  1. I love to read Sheila's posts at Book Journey (

    She writes an excellent combination of personal posts, reviews, etc. and her blog is definitely unique and fun.

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  3. *She is awesome!

    2 more:
    *She includes recipes.
    *This girl is SUPER duper creative and always keeping it fresh.
    *She reads, shares her photography, and fills us in from time to time on her love life and recipes.

    Side note: Interesting that you like personal posts. I'm always unsure how much to share. Maybe I'll start a poll on my blog.

  4. @Juju- I would love to see more personal posts on your blog!

    @Jillian- I agree that Sheila at Book Journey does a nice mix. I enjoy her blog. Also Amy at My Friend Amy posts a variety of things and she's on the literary side.

    I have a Christian fiction book blog, that might not be a genre you read, but you're welcome to stop by and say hi. :)

  5. I love how you ask for recommendations.

    I think you will enjoy Christa's blog, she is a favourite -

    She is honest, we have similar interest and you feel like you know the person behind the blog.

    And I can see Jacki's blog becoming one of your favourites

    Have fun networking later.

    My favourite out of the ones mentioned is Michelle - red head blog

  6. Well you already love Juju and Joy (Edgy Inspy Romance) has a beautiful blog...:D

    Have you tried Jenny at Supernatural Snark? She is hysterical and has great reviews...!!

    And you can always come visit

  7. Hi, kindred spirit! I'm with you 100%. You already know I prefer to read bookish blogs that offer more than book reviews-- or better yet no book reviews.

    I really like bloggers who discuss books, in depth even, without writing a review. And if the blog includes extras like travel, movies, cooking, gardening, and funny then I'm hooked.

    And you know what I did last wkend? Pruned my blogroll-- it is now nice and trim and under 100. Such a freeing experience to declutter-- I recommend it highly.

    You already know Enbrethiliel so here are some other variety bookish blogs you might enjoy-- some I've just discovered so don't know how sociable they are yet.

    Already bloggy friends with:

    Just getting to know these:


  8. Dang, I've already added blogs mentioned by the others to my blogroll-- but it isn't clutter so it is okay!


  9. +JMJ+

    A Kindle in Hong Kong
    Shannon is practically the only book blogger whose reviews I read all the time--even when I don't care for the book. (Why? Because they're short but totally sensible.) I also love her Bookspotting posts, which make me more observant about what people are reading in my town, just so I can contribute something to her combox the next time she has one up.

    Belle's Bookshelf
    I think you'll enjoy Belle's Reading Icons feature: photographs of celebrities reading. She also has a writing style that makes it easy to respond to her reviews.

  10. +JMJ+

    Lesa: I just checked out some of the blogs you listed. Scathing Weekly is so great! I'm adding it to my blogroll, too. =D

  11. My favourite "book" blog is Lari Is Writing. She is humorous, smart and geeky and it totally works!

    Lari Is Writing (

  12. Thanks everyone! I visited every blog you all mentioned and followed some that I thought looks like would suit me the most :)

  13. um. I'm a little late, but I love Bella @ Absolutely Obsessed. She's great for a good laugh and she's also really warm and approachable.

    I'm a new(ish) blogger so this is all I have.I love this idea of who should I follow discussion. I realized the other day I should probably unfollow some blogs too.

    ♥ Trish
    Just a YA Girl