the Vampire Diaries.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

When this show started about two years ago, I intentionally ignored it. For some reason, I had this vision in my head that it was going to be sameoldsameold - it was going to copy Twilight and was going to showcase a typical love story between a vampire and a human. I used to even laugh at it when I'd see commercials for it.

Then one day, I was sick and very bored. I logged on to my Netflix account only to find that they just added the entire show. So being the bored person that I was that couldn't think of anything else interesting to do, I decided to watch the Pilot episode.... after all, everybody kept telling me that it's really good, that I might like it...

so I saw the first episode, and continued clicking, watching the next episode... and the next and the next. And I have to say; it was awesome.

Two weeks later, here I am, done with Season 1 and 2, and I can't stop thinking about Season 3 (just saw episode 8!) to the point that I have decided to actually write a post about it.

Everything about it is just great. The writing, the plot development, the scenes, and of course, the characters. And while it can sometimes be cheesy at times, believe me, it's in a very good-guilty-pleasure-not-cliche kind of way. The best part is that they have actually brought back scary and evil vampires. And guess what? They DO NOT sparkle!

Anyway, my point is, if you like supernatural/paranormal shows, try this out. It's obviously geared more towards the 'YA crowd' - it's no True Blood if you know what I mean - but to be honest, I actually like that about it.
My other point is; Don't judge it like I did for two years. It's good. I really enjoy it. If you do too, let me know so we can gush about it.

P.S. - Damon... is... <3


  1. Hey, I'm glad you caught up!:) It was the same with me - the whole idea of two vampires falling for a high school girl didn't appeal to me but then I say an episode by accident this spring and caught up on it all in two weeks.

    As you say everything about it is amazing, the plot, the characters, and of course music. I like how fast it moves, how scary it gets, and of course, perhaps I better not start gushing about Damon.

  2. OOohhh yes, the music for this show is ALWAYS so good. I have discovered many songs from watching it!! And DamonDAMONdamon.. haha

  3. I refused to watch it for the first whole 2 seasons too, and then I saw Season 1 on DVD at Wal-Mart for $20 and couldn't resist...and I loved it!

    I didn't want to watch it because I didn't like how much they'd changed it from the books, and while there are certain details that I did prefer in the books, ultimately I like the changes better than I liked reading the original storyline. The one thing I wish they'd kept was Bonnie's heritage. In the book's she has druid ancestors, so that's where her magic comes from, which I always thought was so cool because it made me think of Merlin, and I prefer it to the whole Salem witch, I'm not a big fan of show Bonnie, although she was kind of annoying in the books too. :P

    The biggest change I love though is Caroline. She is SOOOOO different in the books, and I thought that they made her so freaking awesome in the show. I love her and Tyler so much! :D And I also remember thinking that it was stupid how they changed Elena's little sister into a teenage brother, but I love Jeremy and he's so much better than the little sister. Elena's also way more likeable in the show, she's so perfect in the books that it'd annoy you if you didn't feel bad for her for losing her parents.

    Anyways, now that I've told you why I didn't initially watch it, I have to totally agree with you about the writing, and Damon...oh Damon, loved him in the books and I love him in the show! (I haven't really been trying to keep up with the books anymore because they totally get rid of Damon...they better keep him on the show :S), and I agree with Jillian, the music on the show is fantastic...and most of the stuff they play are artists I already like! :D

    I'm also a total Secret Circle fan now too! haha My friend and I watch TVD on Thursday nights together and we've been watching Secret Circle after, and we're both totally hooked now! haha

    Thanks for sharing your Vampire Diaries love with us, I can totally relate, to your love for it and your reluctance to watch it...I used to complain to my friends about how they changed it all the time, and now I gush about it, and my friends just laugh at me for flipping sides so drastically! haha


  4. Aw now I feel bad coz I liked it from the get-go... or does that make me cool? :P
    Either way I'm glad you're on board, n how awesomes season 3 been ey?!
    p.s. Damon's the coolest

  5. ambur - I don't really read the books but i think I'll stick with the show because I really like the way they are portraying them there. And I have to agree with Caroline. She is one of my favorite characters!! She used to be a ditzy blonde but now she's one awesome vampire.

    Nathan - no it's good that you liked it from the start! I wish I liked it then too. But then again I kind of like the fact that I watched 2 full seasons without stopping haha

  6. I looooove The Vampire Diaries. Way more than Twilight, though not as much as True Blood. I'm obsessed with Damon. S3 hasn't hit Australia yet, I'm hanging for it!

  7. belle - I really am not a fan of Twilight and having gotten to know Elena as a character, I hate Bella even more. LOL. I have tried True Blood before but stopped. I should probably get on that too.. my love for vampires is back! Oh and S3 is pretty epic so far.

  8. Vampire Diaries is my favorite show on TV!!! You sound like my sister...I beg her to watch it all the time and she always doesn't. She likes Twilight. She likes True Blood. I know she'd like this one too! Anyway...I'm obsessed with Damon. Obsessed! Although if it took them 5 seasons to finally get together I wouldn't mind...I love all the flirting!

    About S3--this show just gets better and better! So good!

  9. I've never watched this one. There are so many shows, and not enough time. Just like
    This does look good though.

  10. Hmmnn...maybe I'll try it out. I'm not really a vampire person though. I prefer Harry Potter. :D
    Speaking of which, I just did a HP themed post, and I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    Love your blog,

  11. I keep up with the Vampire Diaries, but I'm not absolutely in love with it like I guess a lot of people are. I do love Candice Accola as Caroline and Ian Somerhalder as Damon though. They're both fantastic actors. And, if nothing else, the show sure knows how to keep its viewers in suspense!

  12. Ok, I think that's the last straw, I need to watch this show. I've had way too many people tell me it's good.