hello, December!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My favorite time of the year is finally here!

I can't even tell you how excited I am for this month! From little things like the weather to the clothes that come with the weather to other things like the parties and events with family and friends, the festive mood everyone seems to have, the non-stop Christmas music we hear everywhere, the yummy holiday drinks, the holiday shopping, gift giving, and of course, the free time we get to actually lounge around and get some holiday reading done.

I'm also planning to blog every day until Christmas day, which I'm excited about! It should be fun, especially now that I should get more free time! Feel free to join me if you'd like.

So... that being said, here's to December 2011. Tell me your favorite things about the month! And of course, here's me wishing you have an amazing, memorable one. Have fun, be safe, be happy. And as always, happy reading <3


  1. My favorite too!
    My favorite things about December?
    Peppermint Mochas
    Cold weather
    Fuzzy hats and gloves
    Red and white everywhere

    And soon, Baby Whimsy should be arriving.

  2. Happy December! I love this time of year (though I usually fall into a bit of depression after the holidays are over).

    I have been listening to Christmas music since before Thanksgiving. I love the music and the cheesy holiday movies (as well as the not cheesy ones). I also enjoy the cookies and special holiday treats. My family has panettone for breakfast on Christmas day which is a nice tradition. What I am most looking forward to this month is my vacation time. I live too far away from my family to visit them as often as I'd like so I am very excited about my extended trip home for the holidays!

  3. Have an awesome December! It's definitely my favorite month of the year!

  4. It's my favourite time of year, too! I love it all: snow, music, decorations, food, and more time with friend and family. Happy December!

  5. I absolutely love the holiday season! There's just this feeling in the air that's so enjoyable. This post has definitely made me even more excited.

  6. You love the cold weather? It's cold everyday here in the Netherlands. So I'm for one am not looking for the snow to fall. lol. But there's nothing better than a white christmas. :)

    My favourites this month:
    Chocolate milk (HOT) with whipped cream, Christmas tree, eating too much cookies, Christmas vacation (woohoo, free time).