The Struggle Is Real: Bookish Edition

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

First world problems... as a book lover.
Here are just some of mine.

1. No space in my room
I have a regular dorm-sized room (even though I don't live in a dorm), so you can imagine how little space I have. I have a fairly nice 5-shelf book case, but there's just not enough room to house all the books I have and will have! So now I have to keep my books on my carpeted floor now, neatly stacked and all. How I wish I had a room dedicated only for them. Maybe someday!

2. Book Events - Who do I go with?
I live around the city of San Francisco, and living in this bustling city, there are so many opportunities to go to book events: author talks, author signings, writing conferences, etc. Here is the problem! I don't have anybody here who is interested in those kinds of things, so I end up always going by myself or not going at all. I just think it would be so nice to have all the book bloggers stay around each other! 

3. So many books... want to buy them all!
It's quite an addiction, the thing I have, which I am sure you all understand. I don't even buy a lot of books regularly, but I wish I could! It's an itch I try not to scratch too much.

4. So many books... want to read them all!
There are amazing books out there - in bookstores, in libraries, in my TBR pile... if I could have a superpower, I would probably choose to be able to read and experience as many books, all at once.

What are some of the little things you complain about when it comes to being a reader and a book lover in general? Share! 


  1. I totally agree with your 3 and 4. I have now said in order to enjoy the love of reading I just need to read but no pressure. I have even started waiting a day in between books just to enjoy the memories of the characters and storyline more. I'm going for quality with each book instead of how many I can read for the year.

    Sometimes my struggle is working when a great book is in my head saying 'forget work pull me out and read me, work can wait' lol

  2. two is a constant struggle. I'm in Michigan so there aren't as many exciting author events, but when someone does come to town there is no one for me to go with!
    Actually your whole list is super valid. The bookish struggle is very real.

  3. If you had more space, you would just fill it with more books! I own a three bedroom house now and I'm still struggling for book room...

  4. I'm with you on all of there. One of my good friends has been living in DC for years and she just moved back to Indy. She a total book nerd like me so now she wants to go to bookish events with me (yay!) but we're in Indy so there aren't many (boo.)

  5. So true, I think space is the issue of all booklovers (and also not accidentally buying books you already own)! Now, I just need to live in a place with author events.

  6. I hear ya. Thats why I prefer ebooks.