diy: instagram sized photo collage

Friday, January 30, 2015

I've been wanting to put up photos on my wall, because there's an empty space for... something. Anything. I figured because I love having and keeping photos, I'd go ahead and put frames of them up. The only thing was, I couldn't pick a single photo, so I decided to do a collage instead. 

I initially got this idea from this great company called Printstagram that prints your Instagram photos and put them together in a collage. That's a great option if you're interested! However, I was feeling a little crafty and wanted to do it myself. Enter this project, thanks to a blog called Bits of Everything

First thing's first. Here are the materials you need for the easy and affordable project.
  • Foam Board 20x30 - $3.50 
  • Mod Podge (matte) - $5 - bought this at Joann's Fabrics where there's usually a 50% off coupon
  • Command Strips - $4 
  • Brush Applicator - $0.79
  • Double Sided Tape - which I already owned
  • Photos you want to use - printed them off Walmart 4x4 size

1.Once you've figured out in which order you want them to line up (mine was random), apply the double sided tape on the back of the photos.

2. Stick them one by one, neatly on the foam board, making sure they're all straight.

3.When you're finished, apply the mod podge. Two thin coats were fine for me. Try to apply them in the same direction. Mod podge acts like a glue, a sealer, so it looks messy at first. It will dry clear, giving your project texture. I would say this is optional, but I prefer it with the Mod Podge. 

4. Let the project sit there for a while so your Mod Podge can dry. I left it for about two hours before I touched it comfortably.

5. Once you're ready, apply the Command Strips on the back of the board. 

6. Put it up the wall! 

This is what my collage board looks like the next day! 

I did cut off four inches from the side of the foam board and about two inches from the bottom, just because I like its size more. It's not too overwhelming. It's totally up to you though if you want to use the entire 20x30! If you do, you can fit 35 4x4 photos. Not bad. Personally, I love it! 


  1. It looks wonderful, such a sweet way to display photographs <3 xo

    1. I agree! I want to do other versions, maybe a smaller foam board next time.

  2. What a great idea! My husband has wanted to use some Mod Podge for something and now he can. I think this may be a crafty weekend!

    1. Just after this project, I looked up Mod Podge crafts on Pinterest. Mod Podge is amazing haha.

  3. Aww I love it! I'm an instagram addict. I turned one huge wall in our guest room into a big photo collage with a bunch of different frames. Over the years I've swapped new photos in and out and I love it so much.

    1. Oohh I'd like to see that wall! I want to do that too! I love being able to swap photos if I want to.