Readathon Summary!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

It's 5am, and the readathon is officially done!! I am actually sad that it is! I have been awake for a while though and I am ready for bed. But I had so much fun dedicating a whole day to reading and talking to fellow readers. I've interacted with so many on twitter and instagram throughout the day, it was pretty wonderful!

Here's my final stats:

My start time: 5am
End time: 5am
Books Read: 4 and 1/2 books
Pages Read: 757 pages
Hours Read: 14 hours
Had work: 4.75 hours
Napped: 2 hours
Challenges: Only one sadly - Click here to check out my story

Since I woke up at 6:30am to go for a four and half hour shift at work, I missed the first few hours of the readathon. I read right away after though, and took a two hour nap in the afternoon. That really got me through the night! I had two cups of coffee consumed, and that helped too. So yes, I managed to stay awake until the end of the readathon!!

I don't know if I've mentioned it here on the blog, but I am also donating one book per hour that I read + per book that I read. I am trying to decide where to donate it to - Salvation Army, Goodwill, public library?

But oh my goodness, this experience was fantastic. Everyone was so nice on twitter, and add the fact that #readathon was trending the whole 24 hours!!! Just awesome. 
Thanks also to the cheerleaders: #TEAMAUSTEN! And to all the other cheering from fellow readathon-ers! You made time go by fast, and everyone was so encouraging! And thank you especially to our hosts, Heather and Andi, for all the hard work. If you participated, please link me to your blogs!

Until next time... happy reading! 


  1. Great job on the readathon! Looks like you picked a nice mix of books to read too. That is really awesome that you are donating books. As a librarian, I hope you choose to donate to your public library :) We either put our donations in our collection or they go into the Friends of the Library book sale.

    I wanted to participate but I had to work 9-5 and then had a library fundraiser to go to last night so I wouldn't have had any time to read. Maybe next time...It is a fun event to be part of. I remember the first one I did in 2010. I think that was my most successful readathon but my vision was blurry by the time I was done!

  2. Fantastic job!! Seems like you accomplished a lot and read some great books!

    I suggest the library - only because my daughter and I go to the library every other weekend and I love seeing books go to the local libraries!

    Can't wait for the next one!

  3. Great job!! #TeamAusten loved cheering for you! You made awesome progress - 4+ books!!! Amazing. Sleep time now, I bet.

    I suggest donating to the library, if only because I know they don't sell the books and then use the money for...whatever. Any chance to broaden someone's horizons is good for me!

  4. Congratulations on a successful Read-a-thon, and especially on making it through to 5:00AM!! Thanks for the tweets and for visiting my blog :) I think your two hour nap was a good choice. I only napped for ~45 minutes and I felt even more exhausted after (I don't usually nap, I don't know the best way to do time I know better :P)

  5. Great mix of books! Awesome reading! Putting Paris Letters on my TBR.
    I agree that a public library is the way to go on book donations (advice from a retired librarian).

  6. I was the same way. I didn't even know about the RaT until the night before so I didn't sign up for cheerleading, but I definitely did a lot of it. :) You did amazing, since you had to work and you took a nap, great numbers despite that!! Congrats! :)

  7. I like the way you are using the Readathon to help others. Very nice!

  8. You are awesome for staying awake the whole time and donating your books to some bookish place. I had such a fun readathon experience also. 14 hours is quite an amazing feat. I only made it to 11 and 1/2 before I crashed, but I was awake for 17 hours of the readathon. I should have took a short nap and went back to reading, but it was nighttime so I decided I need to go to bed. I hope you got in some well needed hours of rest.

  9. Banana chips! are so tasty. I'm very impressed with your readathon results! I don't think I've ever managed to read a book a day (well, except children's books...), not to mention 4 books a day. And it's super nice you are donating the books, it makes me think I should find out some places to where I could take my own books that I don't intend to keep. (I don't think we have many such places in Helsinki, but I'm not sure.)

  10. I'm so glad you had fun! :) I wish had been more proactive on Twitter - I just forgot that there's always that aspect to readathon as well.. I hope you're going to participate in the next one as well!

  11. Wooo, go you!! You did well and you make it sound like so much fun that I'm a bit jealous that I didn't participate... I'll have to try for next year!

  12. Congratulations on an amazing day! That's such a nice idea as well, to donate books instead of cash after the readathon. I definitely want to try to be around Twitter a little bit more next time around, I think, I just couldn't keep up with the hundreds of new Tweets appearing every few minutes! :)