Annexed by Sharon Dogar

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Genre: Young Adult
Synopsis: Everyone knows about Anne Frank and her life hidden in the secret annex – but what about the boy who was also trapped there with her?

Rating: 3 stars

Plot line: 3.5 stars
This was why I picked this up in the first place. The first time I read the synopsis, I was almost immediately sold. The good thing is that as I read the book, I found that it was extremely intriguing, as the premise promised, and it will keep you interested. I did think sometimes it went a little slow, but at least it wasn't really boring.

Characters: 2 stars
As a whole, I liked all the characters. I liked the main protagonist, and thought he was very likable. I was interested in his thoughts, and even cared about what he had to say. What I didn't like, and this may sound weird, was that Anne Frank in this book was not the Anne Frank we know from her diary -- if you have read it. Her portrayal is different, almost as if the author changed her as a person. I didn't like this very much, and found the entire portrayal not believable.

Writing: 3 stars
The narratives are great; unpretentious and straight to the point. While it's not necessarily fast-paced, and the flow is just alright, I still liked it because of how the author was able to keep the suspenseful and intriguing atmosphere all throughout.

Very original and unique plot, effortless writing, likable-enough characters, and a fairly good story. It has its negatives -- like me not really believing this story -- and it's definitely not a favorite, but overall, I thought it was fresh and entertaining.


  1. So glad you dug it. I have this on my shelf waiting for me.

  2. I read this book caused a bit of an uproar from the Franks' family friends. I'm curious about it too. Great review.

  3. I wanted to read this after i had finished reading Anne Frank, but in knowing that it is pure fiction puts me of. Glad you enjoyed it though!