A sad, bad day for bookworms like me.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Well, at least in my area. Apparently, Borders and B&N are both bankrupt. This isn't really a surprise. They've been struggling for a while now. But what is the sad thing about this bankruptcy happening are the stores closing around the US. Where I live, there are 3 Borders and 1 B&N that are fairly close to me. All of them are closing. I have to admit, while I love to support mom&pop shops, Borders has got to be one of my favorite bookstores. I have had great memories in there.

I have spent countless hours there, sometimes alone, sometimes with other people. This is our designated "catch up" spot. My best friends and I meet and hang out here all the time, and this is also one of the treasured places that my boyfriend and I like to frequent. The two of us always have "Borders dates," -- clever name, I know! -- where we just hang out and talk about books and whatnot. And to be honest, sometimes I just like being in there, even when I'm not going to buy anything! It's such a relaxing and cozy place; a perfect place to unwind. Basically, this was our place to be. (I even worked there for about a year!)It's very sad knowing it won't be around for very long.

This got me thinking a lot about the future. It seems like with all these bookstores closing, that a world without bookstores and libraries is actually quite possible, as frightening as that may sound. So to get books, you either have to shop online for everything or get e-books. Now I don't mind either, but the whole experience of actually book browsing and book shopping would be gone. And this, to be honest, is a very big deal to me; imagining that my future kids and grandkids won't be able to have the same experience with bookshops like I did.

I don't know if I should blame something, or if I could even blame anything or anyone at all, but whatever the reason is, it still doesn't change the fact. Today is truly a sad day, and I feel like going straight to Borders tomorrow right after work... :/

Thoughts? And go and check if your Borders is closing. Here's me genuinely wishing it's not.


  1. I'm as sad and frustrated at the news as you are. For those of us who love books and know how enriching the experience of reading, writing, discussing and buying them can be, it does feel as if our world has tilted uncomfortably on its axis.

    And yet, and yet...maybe when we're meeting our friends at the Kindle Cafe with all its amazing digital effects and offers, great coffee, interactive interviews with authors - then we'll wonder how we ever managed with those awkward paper-page things. ;-}

  2. I moved to a new city this past fall and just found a Borders not too far from me and was planning to make a lot of trips there once the winter weather was over. I found out yesterday that it is one of the Borders stores that is closing :(

    Borders is the first big bookstore I ever went to. It brings back good memories for me from my college days when my friends and I would go to the local Borders on the weekends to hang out and read even if we couldn't afford to buy the books sometimes. I love Amazon but I know that stores like Borders and B&N as well as local bookstores just can't compete against it. Amazon is like the Walmart of bookstores unfortunately.

  3. Deborah - I am a huge fan of technology, but I might be one of those people that might never embrace e-books and e-readers. I've tried, but just can't get into them.

    Christina T - It really is very sad. I feel like a part of me -- as dramatic as that may sound -- is going to be stripped away! It really is one of my favorite places.

  4. I work for Barnes and Noble and I have to correct you-we are not bankrupt! We are going strong, and I feel bad for any bookstore that has to close. People need to support their local bookstores, and not always shop on line. The people that work at those stores contribute to the community by spending their hard earned paychecks where they live. Less people working=less people spending=less in the community.

    I think Borders fell behind by giving their online business to Amazon and not getting into the ebook business sooner. I am lucky I work for a company that looked ahead and is constantly moving forward.

  5. Sorry to hear that. I love going to bookstores and just browse for hours. :) I do order books online, but only the books I cannot get here in holland..

  6. ms. caboo - Oh sorry! I did not know that. I have only read that on the news though. Must have misunderstood it. But good for them. Here in North California though, all B&N stores have pretty much closed as well. Maybe it's just around my area that they're not doing so well.

    Nina - Yeah, it's one of the best things! I also order online a lot, but I just like the experience of browsing too :)

  7. That is sad, I don't have huge book stores here but get excited when I travel because I spend easliy 2 hours there. My boyfriend wonderfully deals with it, he stroles around, reads magazines, but never complains.

    I LOVE my kindle though and Book Depository is amazing for me since I live in Bermuda.

    I have had dreams of opening a high tech library cafe, I should look into it. Then I can blog and get paid - the ultimate dream (at my same salary though, lol)

  8. Ouch, that would be a sad day if all bookstores closed. If that happened, I would hope (and count on) bibliophiles to open their shelves for browsing :) Online book browsing sounds dull compared to the in-store experience. If they're closing, you may get to support them one last time with a going-out-of-business sale.

  9. It's sad. I think I've seen it coming. They charge so much for books that I always buy my books online.

    I predict big stores will close but in the years to come we will see the resurgence of smaller independently owned book shops.

  10. Jillian so sorry your bookstores are closing-- especially the one that you are particularly attached to. Now, I feel guilty for commiserating with another blogger's bad borders experience and saying I wouldn't care if they closed-- shame on me!! It is sad when any bookstore closes.

    Here is the url of the bad Border's experience and some discussion about why they might be closing if you are interested: http://theviewfromsarisworld.blogspot.com/2011/01/borders-may-be-closing-do-we-care.html

  11. I was heartbroken when I heard about Borders going bankrupt. I love walking into their stores. Despite how big they are, there is a homey feel.

  12. Our Borders is already gone...closed right after Christmas. I'm not big on shiny new bookstores (I much prefer a good used store to go look for vintage mysteries), but I have always preferred Borders to B&N. B&N just seemed so snobby to me...all that wood and leather chairs. I hate the fact that there may not be stores to go in and actually hold the books before your buy them...

  13. This is awful. I love small used bookstores, but I frequent Borders and B&N too. I check the list and mine is closing. Just awful.

  14. Marce - That job sounds like a dream.

    Teacher/learner - Agreed. They also just sent me a coupon thing for their liquidation sale. So sad.

    Juju - Thanks, and it is very sad. I fear for smaller bookstores as well, because I think, if a big company couldn't make it, how would they have a chance? :/

    Lesa - I do see where that blogger was coming from, but my feelings about these bookstores closing is based purely on personal (and selfish) reasons. :)

    Krista - It was one of those places I would go if I want to relax after a hard day or something. Definitely something homey about it.

    Bev Hankins - I just think the fact that such a big company bookstore is closing makes me feel like bookstores everywhere in the future will have trouble too. I do prefer Borders over B&N for the same reasons you said.

    Avid Reader - :( Horrible.

  15. It is sad. Theres a borders not 10 mins away from home. I go there often, especially during the summer when I get out of work and want to treat myself. I dont see that one on the list though.

  16. This is extremely sad. I am so sorry that your Borders and B&N are closing. I'm not sure about my local B&N's, but I do know that the only Borders in my town is also closing. I checked their website and the closest Borders not closing are about 200 miles away!

    To be honest, I've never been in a Borders store. But I love their online store and I've always wanted to go into a Borders, but just now recently found out that we have one in town. I haven't been able to go to it yet!

    It's so sad that one of the biggest bookstore chains are having to close more than 200 of their stores because of the economy.

    Not to mention all of the Borders employees that are being laid off.

    I live in the largest city in the state of Florida, so we have a few other small-time bookstores and a Books-a-Million, too. Do you by chance have a Books-a-Million near you?

    I've always went there because it was closest, but I've always loved B&N the few times I went in there.

  17. naida - That's great your Borders isn't closing! :)

    the Vintage Bookworm - I feel sad about it a lot and makes me scared for the future of bookstores in general. I mean, if a big bookstore company can't make it, how can small ones do? :/ And no we don't have Books-a-Million. Is it a huge bookstore company too like Borders/B&N?