Books that keep you up at night are dangerous.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yes they are. I had a lot of stuff planned to do in the morning today, and had to get up earlier than normal. Yesterday, I had a plan: sleep earlier than usual so I'm not in zombie mode. Unfortunately, I picked up one of those books. Fixing Delilah by Sarah Ockler. I couldn't put it down. So let's just say I was definitely in zombie mode today.

There are a lot of others book that have done this to me. The favorites of mine -- that if you've been a reader of mine for a while you would know what the titles are -- The Book Thief, Harry Potter series, The Lightning Thief, etc. Some others like The Maze Runner, The Book of Lost Things, Still Alice by Lisa Genova, just to name a few.

So today I wonder -- and I know it seems like I've been posting a lot about me wondering and me asking you a bunch of questions -- what are the books that you think are guilty for keeping their readers up late at night and depriving them of precious, precious sleep?


  1. The same thing happened to me yesterday:)I wanted to read just a little before going to bed and ended up reading for two hours The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton, a really suspenseful novel about search of a person's identity.

  2. Oddly enough (considering the horror genre he writes in), Stephen King books keep me captivated & up into the wee morning hours reading away! I stayed up to finish a short story from Full Dark, No Stars recently because I could not sleep until I knew how it ended.

  3. It happens to me often. The first 3 that comes to mind: Unearthly, Twilight series, Uglies series

  4. The one I can remember is Tell Tale by Sam Hayes, it is a thriller. Still Alice would make my list also.

    And don't talk about the books that have short chapters, you just keep saying 1 more chapter, lol

  5. Definitely The Book Thief, Scars, Perfect Chemistry, City of Bones, Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns, Vampire Acadamy and Delirium just to name a few. Some kept me up all night for e.g. Kite Runner. Simply because it wouldn't leave me. It was one of those that just broke you down piece by peace leaving you an emotional wreck by then end of it, but then you have books like Perfect Chemistry and City of Bones, that kept me awake all night because I was completely in love with them and knew that I had found something special with them. :)

  6. +JMJ+

    Someone gave me a flashlight last Christmas and I've since backslid into a second childhood, reading underneath the covers. I finally finished the Harry Potter series that way and am just getting hooked on some "retro" Gothic YA by John Bellairs. The danger is exactly what you say it is, Jillian!

  7. Fixing Delilah sounds good. I dont mind losing sleep over a good book. A few that had me up late reading were the Harry Potter books, anything Phillipa Gregory Tudor related, Twilight series and though I regreted it later because I had nightmares, Pet Sematary.

  8. Pepca - I LOVED The Forgotten Garden! I definitely could not put that one down, and do remember it kept me up late at night as well! Have you read The Thirteenth Tale? You might like that if liked The Forgotten Garden :)

    Teacher/Learner - I remember reading The Shining by King and could not put it down. I was so freaked out already, but couldn't resist!

    Juju - I have not read Unearthly yet, but have been hearing so many good reviews about it. Uglies kept me up too, I still remember!

    Marce - I have not read that book. Is it good? And I know exactly what you mean by, "one more chapter.. one more chapter.." Haha.

    Blueicegal - O0oh Perfect Chemistry I read in one sitting! I think I missed dinner because of that book or something. Haha.

    Krista - Yeah, I couldn't put that down either.

    E - Sneaky with the whole flashlight thing! Haha. I should have done that when I was younger.

    Naida - Horror novels are the worst to read at night. It's so scary that you want to put it down already, but you can't help it either.