Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Monday, May 16, 2011

Genre: Young Adult
Rating: 4.5 stars

Review: I got this book for myself last year for my birthday, May 24, as a gift to myself. However, I didn't get to read it until the past week, and I have to say how happy I am I finally picked it up.

First of all, I really enjoyed the plot line. It's something I haven't heard of before, and it truly was interesting to read about. And the main characters were awesome, especially the main protagonist, Katsa. She is now officially part of the list of strong female characters that I love, along with Katniss, Hermione, and Annabeth Chase.
As for the writing, I thought it was pretty solid; it was entertaining and engaging, and the character and plot development were great. None seemed forced.

While there were very few instances that I thought were a bit anticlimactic, to be honest, I didn't even mind that much just because it was such an entertaining novel. I enjoyed it immensely, and had fun while reading it! I am also definitely looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series, and as far as recommendations go, I highly suggest you check this one out. It's a really enjoyable story full of epic adventures, great action, and strong characters. If it sounds like it's something you'd enjoy, then read it! 4.5 stars!


  1. I totally agree with you on this novel, it was such a wonderful surprise! :) However, I just couldn't get into the next book in the series, Fire, which is a prequel to Graceling. 40 pages in and the main character is STILL laying out her entire family history in P.A.I.N.F.U.L. detail. Hope you like it better! :) I'm still going to give number 3, Bitterblue's story, a chance when it comes out, though.

  2. I can't believe I haven't read this yet.

  3. Liked this book too. I have yet to read the second one though.

  4. Bella - How interesting. I didn't even know that the second book is a prequel and that the last one is through Bitterblue's point of view. Well I am looking forward to reading both books and I do hope I enjoy it. I'm sorry you didn't though!

    Juju - You should! You might like it.

    BookQuoter - I have a feeling it might take me a while to get to the second book too.

  5. I really love this one, I think Kristin Cashore has gorgeous prose! It's one of those novels that I go back and reread often :) Nice review!

  6. Audrey - I agree! Thanks for reading.

  7. Great review! I just had this gifted to me for my Kindle. I’m looking forward to reading it :)

  8. Yay. I would love to know if you like it or not!