can I have you?

Monday, May 9, 2011

I understand this setup might not be good for the books, due to weather conditions and all that, but having a deck, balcony, or a terrace like this would be nice for any bookworm, I think. If I had this set-up though, I'd probably paint the wood white or something and change the floor just to suit my own personal taste. But... who am I kidding? This would be lovely enough as it is.

Well, a girl can dream.


  1. Imagine a few hours sitting there reading, with a gentle cooling breeze...

  2. That looks heavenly. I just hope there is a comfy chair around the corner ;)

  3. +JMJ+

    Perhaps there is a secret button you can push to make storm windows slide up from their hiding place, to protect the books from a sudden storm! ;-)

    Seriously, I do wonder about the precautions the owner takes, in case of bad weather.

  4. Amazing. I wonder where it's located. Here in Texas one good hailstorm would wipe it out.

  5. Oh, that wouldn't do here in Tornado Alley but it is so cool! I want to peruse all the titles!

  6. Deborah - Lovely image.

    Teacher/Learner - Ahh now you got me thinking of nice patio chairs :)

    E - Ooo0h that actually sounds like a good idea.. Hmm.. You are giving me bad ideas for the future haha

    Cozy in Texas - I wonder too! I only got this photo from so I'm not sure where this is located.

    Lesa - Even here in California where the weather doesn't get "extreme," the books won't be able to survive so I can only imagine how it would do in Tornado Alley. But yes, in theory, it would be amazing!!