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Sunday, July 31, 2011

I finally picked up a copy of this from the library and I am really happy I finally get to read it. I've been wanting to ever since I've heard of its synopsis! I do like a good, romantic (well-told) love story every once in a while, and this just seems like the perfect pick. So far, so good.

And also, I wanted to write this post to ask you guys for another set of book recommendations! I've already told you before, how I have discovered so many great reads because of your suggestions, so if you have any additional book titles that you think I might enjoy, please do tell me about them! I am sort of craving for a good love story too (not from the Romance genre) or maybe a good historical fiction set in the WWII era. I always like contemporary YA too, and any mystery/thrillers are awesome as well. Basically, recommend any book, in any genre. Thanks! :)


  1. Have you read The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons? It's a great love story AND a WWII historical fiction (set in the USSR)

  2. You know I'm not going to let you forget about Still Alice :-). Also, you must read Dan Wells trilogy, the 1st is I'm not a Serial Killer, fascinating story and character.

  3. Everything that I was going to suggest you have already read. Which is pretty fantastic. I love the fact that you love recommendations. I do too :)

    Did you ever read The Sky is Everywhere? I saw the IMM post, but no review. If I had to recommend one Contemporary YA- that would be it.

    ♥ Trish
    Just a YA Girl

  4. Hey Jillian I have a list of WWII novels on my blog. You can find it here:

    Reviews are attached. I haven't read and reviewed all of them but it is a start. I LOVE WWII novels so I keep it handy.

  5. I have that one out from the library too! I'm so excited for it!

  6. Belle - No i have not read that. Or heard of it. Thank you. I will for sure try to borrow that from the library.

    Marce - i LOVE Still Alice like you too :) And I really should check out Dan Wells trilogy. Another blogger recommended that to me a while ago!

    Trish - I have read The Sky Is Everywhere! :) I did like it, though I don't know why I haven't really written a review from it. Maybe I was suffering from blogger's block when I read it! lol

    Alexis - Oh thanks. I'll check out your list :)

    Steph - It's really good so far. Hope you like it!

  7. I recommend the Postmistress & Water for Chocolate. I have a copy of the Postmistress lying on my bookshelves, but I haven't read it yet. My best friend has read it and told me it's the greatest story she has ever read, besides HP. :) Water for Chocolate is written by Laura Esquivel. It's my favourite book in the romance genre. I def. recommend that one.

  8. Nina - I have not read Postmistress but have read Water for Chocolate. I will try to borrow that one!

  9. Totto-Chan: The Little Girl At The Window by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi

    Well it's non-fiction, but written like fiction (vignettes of childhood memory). Set around WWII in Japan but war is not the main focus. It's about parents & their "difficult" child, and headmaster & his students. It touched me every time I read it.

  10. Christa - Wow, that does sound like a fantastic and unique story! I must check it out and see if it's something I might enjoy. I don't particularly read non-fiction, but I never say no to books, so if I can find the right non-fiction, I might give it a try. Thanks for the recommendation.