does anybody know of your "secret identity?"

Monday, July 18, 2011

Random questions of the day - does anybody in real life know how much of a bookworm you are? And the second question is, does anybody know that you are a book blogger?

For me, generally, many know I love books and see it as a favorite hobby, but only certain people know that it's a huge and important part of my life. That it's something I'm passionate about. As for blogging, again, only very, very few. Even the people who know about it aren't really regular readers of the blog - they just know of it.
I tend to keep the blogging thing a bit more of a secret for some reason - I feel like it's something private; almost like a secret identity in a way.
Recently though, since making a Facebook page for the blog, a lot of my other friends have started to discover what I've been up to for the past year and a half. They're still not as interested with the whole blogging thing of course, and one of my friends laugh at me when I talk about blogging. But for most of the part, they say it's pretty.. um.. cool?

Now I'm curious to hear from you - what do the people around you think when they visit your blog? Do they even know you have a blog? Do share.


  1. The only people who know I have a book blog are my parents, sis, husband and best friends. Otherwise, it just seem an intensely private thing. However, like you, other friends are slowly beginning to discover that I'm a bit crazy. I think they're pretty amused.

    Let's see...:D

  2. Mostly everyone knows that I am a bookworm . I guess that it's not too hard to know that because I am never without a book. However, only my family and close friends know about my blog. One of my friends actually visits my blog from time to time.

  3. Like you, nearly everybody knows I read, but very few people know how compulsive I am about it. Just my parents, boyfriend and a friend or two.

    The same people know I blog, but I tend to cringe inwardly when I talk about it. I don't know why really because I'm actually quite proud of it, but I feel a bit silly when talking about it!

  4. Only two of my closest friends and my family know I have a book blog. I don't feel they, except for one friend, know how much I really love reading. I mean, they know I like to read, but they just don't relate to it because they aren't readers themselves. I'm really happy to have that one friend to share my passion for books. She actually introduced me to book blogging and it is great to get to know other people who feel the same love for books as I do. The friends I mentioned visit my blog, but the family isn't that interested.

  5. Risa - Haha yeah, people think I'm crazy for making a blog devoted to books.

    Misha - That's sweet of your friend to visit your blog :) That's always nice to have someone that supports you with your endeavors!

    Hanna - I cringe too and I feel really shy about it when I talk about it to others. Usually I can tell who would care or who just doesn't, you know? But I know deep inside I am actually proud of my blog :) I just never introduce it lol

    Pepca - Only one person really knows how passionate I am about reading and just books in general - most know I love it as a hobby. It's definitely nice to have somebody in real life to talk to about it sometimes :) And it's also one of the reasons why I love blogging so much. I get to talk to like-minded people about it!

  6. Most of the people in my life know about my blog. My dad is probably my biggest supporter, actually lol.

    Everyone knows that I'm obsessed with books. That's what people always talk to me about... books!

  7. A lot of people know I'm a bookworm by the fact that I wear a mockingjay necklace, and then I have to explain to people where it's from, and what it means. And that gets us in the discussion of me actually reading for fun.

    My family knows, and are actually really involved in it : they helped me with the name, I ask them their advice on the layout and design, and my dad will ask me about authors and such. And since I'll have to go with the to book conventions and stuff, it's good they're learning now. My closest friends know, because they see the notes I take on my books. I'm really proud of it, and I tell some people, like if I'm talking about books or something with them.
    I'm really looking forward to what other's say on this topic! :)

  8. Most people know I'm a blogger but aren't bookies so have never really checked it out. GREAT question.

  9. Most people who know me know I love to read. And if they're friends with me on facebook, then they know about Proud Book Nerd. But, I don't go out of my way to announce it to people, either. So, unless someone's with me on facebook, they likely do not know that I have a book blog. But, they likely DO know that I love to read!

  10. It's pretty much the same for me - lots of people IRL know I love books, very few of them know I have a blog (just a few close friends & family). Like you I'm kinda secretive about it LOL.

  11. +JMJ+

    I'm the official bookworm of the family, so that's no secret. And with all the blogging I do, there's no way they haven't caught on about that! =P

    Still, there is something of a secret identity in all this, isn't there? So many book bloggers say they started their blogs because they didn't have anyone in real life they could talk to about books. I feel the same way about books, movies and all the other things I write about. My friends know that I have a blog, but they'd be a little surprised to learn how much it has come to mean to me--and that I care for certain online friends just as much as I care for them. As things stand, they respect my blogging because it's my hobby . . . but they wouldn't read or leave comments or start blogs themselves. It's just not them.

  12. The only people who know about my blog are ones who found out by accident and not because I told them. I don't know why it is but I'm incredibly secretive when it comes to it. I'm sure many people in my life have noticed my shifty and mysterious behaviour since I started it but I just refuse to tell them. I kind of like that it's a secret.

  13. Steph - How sweet of your dad. And I know your mom's officially a book blogger now too, so that's pretty cool!!

    Lauren - Oh how fun. That mockingjay necklace sure is a conversation starter :) And you are very lucky your family's so involved with your blog!! That makes it even more fun, doesn't it?

    Juju - Yes i'm sure there are people I know who are simply just not interested to check out the blog, but most of the people I'm friends with know that I like reading.

    ham1299 - I never announce it either, unless somebody mentions it and I confirm their suspicions without giving too much info away.. haha.

    danya - It's actually kinda fun to have that little secret isn't it? haha

    E - Well put. I feel exactly the same. This blogging thing has become more than just a random side thing - it really does have become a part of my daily life and it means a lot to me that I have this and other book bloggers to talk to about my favorite things. My closest friends also respect my blogging, though like you said, it's just not them to comment or to visit regularly.

    Aylee - I kind of like it as a secret too! :)

  14. I don't really tell too many of my friends about my book blog, but they all know I'm a huge book nerd. I'd rather find those who love books as much as I do to appreciate what I do here :)

  15. Pretty much everyone who knows me knows that I am a huge bookworm and obsessed with books/reading. That's not a secret - I'm very rarely seen without a book. However, my husband is the only person that I know in real life that actually knows about my blog. And even then I'm a little bit embarrassed about it and won't talk to him about it. I don't think he's even seen my blog, actually. It's just not something that I talk about.

  16. The people who know that I have a blog are my parents, sisters and some close friends. My mom thinks I'm obsessed with books, which I totally am, and doesn't understand why I need to read everyday. ;)lol.

  17. Most people who know me know I love to read, but very know about my blog. I like having that to myself. That's the reason I haven't made a facebook page for it or anything. The few friends and family members who know about my blog tend to rarely visit. I like that the people who read my posts are fellow readers, not just friends in "real" life who feel obligated to check it out.

  18. Melissa - My thoughts exactly :)

    talesofabookaddict- I'm almost the same way. I'm a bit too shy about sharing my blog too. I feel vulnerable for some reason.

    Nina - Haha well my mom supports me 100% with my reading and understands why I'm a bookworm, but not a lot of people do!

    Melissa - I like having my blog to myself too to be honest. It's like a little baby to me that I take care of haha

  19. I actually include my blog address in most of my job hunting cover letters - but I'm looking for a job in books so it is pertinent. I don't tell everyone, but that's more becuase not all my friend are into books or at least not this into books, than that I'm embarrassed or anything. I just think they'd think I'm a dork.

  20. Seems like I'm the oddball in every crowd-- I blab about my blogs and blogging to anyone who doesn't run away! haha So yeah, my family, friends, acquaintances, and random strangers at Walmart all know I blog.

    The majority never visit my blogs but the response from those who do has always been favorable even though I know they don't really understand why I must blog.

    What really makes my bloggy heart flutter is when my nonbookish mom likes on a post on my bookblog--- or when an elderly aunt tells my mom how much she enjoys reading my everything else blog--- or when a co-worker into photography brags on one of my photographs. One friend still thanks me for a recipe I posted.

    Do they comment and participate on my blogs? No. I don't know why. My sis-in-law will call me on the phone to comment. Crazy!

    Anyway the point of my ramble is that more friends and family may be reading and enjoying y'alls blogs than you think.


  21. Lesa - Well kudos for you for being vocal about your blog! I really want more people that I know in real life to discover what I've been up to and what I've been so in love with these past year and a half, but I really am so shy about it sometimes.

  22. I'm a private person myself. No one knows I I do tell everyone that I do book reviews online however. And just a few close friends and family know that I crochet, but not many know that I have an online shop. I don't know why I keep it that way, it is like a secret identity.