do books give you dreams?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I wonder about this a lot, if books cause your dreams to occur, because I know that personally, books have that effect on me. Now this could be a good thing or a bad thing. If it was just a normal, out-of-nowhere sort of dream, it's alright with me. If I am dreaming that I go to Hogwarts to learn magic or something - even better!

But then there are the nightmares. Unfortunately, I get these more often than I get "normal" dreams, and for the most part, I do blame the books and my habit of late-night reading. I don't know if it's because I just naturally have a wild imagination or what - I think generally readers and writers (and other types of artists) tend to have crazy imaginations! - I am not even quite sure why I get them, and I especially can't even figure out what they even mean. Most of the time, the dreams are completely pointless! Sadly, they are still nightmares. It's horrible, I have to admit.

So I guess I am wondering if it's just me that experiences this - I sure hope not! But surely this must be an odd thing? xxx


  1. OMG. Youn know I've thought about this abit too. I was actually going to do a post on it sometime. I found that if I go to sleep after I've read something then I usually have dreams about that book or something similar to the book, and then there's other times when I just randomly dream of a book. I had one dream about the near witch, and I've never read it. Then I had a nutty dream after reading Choker. it's the same way with movies or tv if I've watched something before bed I dream about that. So you're not alone.

  2. This happens to me, too. I dream about a book if I really get into it and I read late at night or sometimes I dream about books just randomly. I have all sorts of dreams , both nice and nightmares - the later are not so cool. I have heard, however, that dreams are a way of letting out what we experience during the day so I think it is quite natural to dream about books, even if it's a nightmare - it is a way of processing it. So, don't worry, there is more of us like you:)

  3. This happens to me as well. Especially if I read a book just before bed. Many times I lay away thinking about what could possibly happen next in the book, and I fall asleep and dream about it. I think it just proves how much we enjoy books, and how they are apart of our lives.

  4. I am SO like this. Which is why I avoid books with demons or zombies. I'm a sensitive nelly.

    Funny story: Last night, Humpty Dumpty was actually mentioned in one of my dreams. LOL

  5. I dream about characters from books I'm reading all the time. They become so real to me that they pop up in my dreams. I'm sure late nigiht reading sessions don't help.

  6. I had one extremely creepy dream about a book I was reading once. Probably the creepiest dream I've ever had.

  7. Yes, sometimes my books do invade my dreams. Not always, and really not all that often. I'm not sure why some do and some don't.

  8. It's a little vague but I know I've had characters from books randomly appear, but then I wake up and don't remember much apart from that fact. I haven't had a nightmare in a long long time. Well I don't watch scary movies for that very reason so maybe it helps avoiding them?

  9. ashley - ah glad to see I'm "normal" at least! LOL

    Pepca - don't you wish we understood dreams more? Sometimes, they're just odd, aren't they.

    Mrs Q - I agree:)

    Juju - Haha! Was the Humpty Dumpty a scary one or a random one?

    Melissa - I definitely blame late night reading!

    Kathy s - care to share? ;D

    ham1299 - aahh one of the many mysteries of life, haha ;)

    Aly - Yeah, most of the time I guess I don't really remember? I also try to stay away from scary movies too!