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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Just minutes ago, before this post, I was laying in bed; a bit of sunlight shining through the window blinds. The warmth of the day hits my skin just right. As I cover half of my face with my arm to shield my eyes, my collection of vintage glass bottles -- sitting quite proudly on the window ledge -- reflect their rather pretty and natural glow of lights; green, blue, lavender, white. A book lays right next to me, as if to serve as company. Music blares with the voices of some of my favorites; Jason Mraz, Ingrid Michaelson, Carla Bruni, Billie Holiday, She & Him.. among many others. This brief moment of relaxation, proves, at least to me, that even the little things can truly make one's day brighter. So here's to you, hoping you all have a wonderful weekend.

Now I am curious; what are the little things that make your day much brighter for you?
P.S. Happy Mother's day tomorrow! ;)


  1. The little things that make my day? A pup who isn't happy until I've wrapped my arms around her neck and wished her good morning. The aroma of coffee waifed up from a warm mug. When it's warmer a slight breeze that cools the sheet from an open window...(Hugs)Indigo

  2. What a sweet post!
    The little things for me: free time to do anything, sleeping in, finding money you never knew you had.

  3. There are so many things that can brighten my day--my boys (when they aren't acting too much like obnoxious teenagers), my dog Harley, my hubby, nice comments on my blog and of course, sleeping in!

  4. Indigo: Aww, definitely agree with the puppy comment. And nothing beats the smell of freshly brewed coffee! I love it!

    @maytagger8819: Thank you! And goodness, I agree with everything you just said. They definitely make my day as well.

    @Julie P: Who can beat sleeping in? ;) And yes, comments. They make my day too! Haha.