Today is Mother's Day

Sunday, May 9, 2010

First of all, happy mother's day to every mom out there who might be reading this -- this includes you awesome mom bloggers! ;) And to my mom! Here are the bouquet of carnations my dad got for her!

Today, for some reason, we all just weren't in the mood to go out -- perhaps it's a combination of the crowd, busy places and establishments, 1-2hour wait at restaurants, among many others. So instead, we decided to celebrate Mother's day at the comfort of our own house. It was a very low-key and laid-back little celebration, which was actually really awesome.

I was also able to finish The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan today, so my review will be coming up soon for that one. I have to admit, it was nice that I had the time to blog and read some posts again! I haven't been able to do that much all week.
Another exciting thing: I was able to work on the little 'Show and Tell' project for this blog, which will be up veerryyy soon hopefully! 'Show and Tell' will have photos of fellow bloggers, showing their favorite books! Watch out for that ;)

My sister and I did end up going outside, just to pick up dinner and such. It was quite a nice day out -- sunny with just the right amount of wind and breeze.

And for dessert -- because of course you have to have dessert on special occasions -- we had a berry pie with some french vanilla ice cream. Yum.

Oh and I'm going to go on ahead and show you something I'm super, super excited about!

I'm getting additional wall book shelves soon -- three to be exact!!! This is a birthday gift given to me by Timbooktoo -- I've mentioned him before, and just in case you didn't know yet, Timbooktoo is someone who might be mentioned quite frequently in this blog and will have that said nickname from now on. I'm so happy the lonely books kept in boxes under my bed will finally have new homes.
But yeah, that is all for tonight! How about you? What were you up to today? Happy Mother's day again, and hope you all had a great Sunday -- and overall, an awesome weekend! I'm off to go read and maybe, write.. or maybe just watch a DVD or something.. who knows?


  1. Those are great photos, Jillian! And a new bookshelf? How exciting! My bookshelf is small actually, and it's a bit sad.

  2. Ahhhh! RED PYRAMID! I am so dying for this one! :( Wish I could get it right now. Can't wait to hear what you think!

  3. We actually ended up going out for Mother's Day, but unlike your sunny day, for us it was windy, rainy, cloudy, and there was lightning. :(
    I also really need to get a bookshelf. My poor books are all in boxes in my closet, it's kind of depressing.
    I can't wait to see what you thought of The Red Pyramid!

  4. @maytagger8819: Aww, it's okay! I too have had a really small bookshelf all my life, and I didn't really have a problem with it.

    @Raila: It's a great read. You should get it ;)

    @Adriana: Oh man, as I type this, it is actually raining like crazy! Ironic, much? Haha.
    I suggest you invest on one, it's not that expensive since you're going to be using and treasuring it forreevveerrr, and if you have the space, what have you got to lose? ;)

  5. Ahhhh awesome pictures and post :)