The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus: Movie Review

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

To read the synopsis, let Wikipedia help. This review contains no spoilers.

What a strange film. Very, very strange indeed. In fact, I am not exactly sure what I had just watched. Did I like it? Absolutely. Did I understand it? Well enough. But to recommend or not to recommend, that is the question, as they say. All I'm going to say is that this is most definitely not for everyone.

It took me quite a while to "get" the film, but I do think that is part of its charm. Ultimately, I have to say, I actually enjoyed it a lot. There are a lot of great aspects about it; perfect casting, the acting, the costumes, the movie's overall mood, among many others. You can tell how the tragic death of Heath Ledger -- who was terrific, by the way, as expected -- might have taken the movie to a whole other route, but Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell did a great job with the roles given to them. I also loved Lily Cole who played the role of Valentina. She was pretty awesome. As for Christopher Plummer, well, as expected, he fit the role very well. The Sound of Music anyone? He will never get old, I swear.

My favorite part though has got to be the fantastical elements that are included and that are a huge part of the story. Simply breathtaking! It's beautiful and dark, scary and amazing all at the same time. It truly is something unique!

If you decide to give the movie a chance, do expect to be transported to a whole other world; somewhere you've never been. At first, you will be reluctant to stick with it, but in the end, let it take you away. Immerse yourself and let your own imagination wander. Perhaps in the end, that would be the main key to see the real beauty of this very strange and twisted but wonderful world of the imaginarium and of Dr. Parnassus himself. Again, if you decide to watch this, one advice: Watch it with an open mind. You'll need it ;)


  1. I was surprised at how well it worked with the various actors playing Ledger's role after he died. That was impressive.

  2. I do like weird movies so I might like this! Thanks for the review. I'm really liking your "movie week." ;D

  3. This was a strange, but it was really good! All the actors did an amazing job playing the same character. It was interesting seeing the transition of Tony.

  4. @Avid Reader: At first when they said 3 actors will replace Heath Ledger, I wasn't sure how that would fit. When I saw the movie though, I changed my mind immediately. It was perfect!

    @May: Haha, thanks! Glad you like it. I've been watching movies every night before bed this week. I love Summer :D

    @Adriana: Yes, the transition was very, very interesting. Is he evil, or is he not? Well, people are both, aren't they? It's a twisted movie, but I really liked it!