Top Ten Picks: Summer Edition

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Top Ten Picks is a weekly meme where I pick a topic, create a list, and post them up over here. For this week, I thought I would do something a bit different than usual. I picked a topic that is a bit more of a personal one for all of us to talk about and share with each other. In fact, it might not even have much to do about books at all, but thought it'd be cool to mix things up and try something different and to get to know you more.

Over the past couple of days, I've been getting several questions through my, account, asking what my top must haves are for the Summer! So now I think it's just appropriate to have that very question be our topic. Now it doesn't matter if it currently is Summer where you live or not, I'm sure everyone has their own list for this one so feel free to do one anyway. It could be any must-have at all, book-related or not, as long as it's something (MATERIALS&OBJECTS) you need to have during Summer time. Anyway, without further adieu, here are my picks, in no particular order.


Top 10 Must-Haves for the Summer


1. Books- Does this even need further explanation? I really don't think so. What would my Summer be without a good read or two.. a pretty boring and lifeless one, I am absolutely sure.

2. Floral clothing!- Must-have, for sure! It's light, airy, and easy to match with either black or neutral colors. You just can't wrong with a floral pattern. There are different fabrics to experiment on, and varieties of style; dresses, tank tops, shirts, a blouse, skirts, blazers, and even shoes. It could be casual, or you could dress it up. It's just versatile! And it's pretty.. ha ha. What's not to love?

3. A light cardigan- I don't know about you, but even when it's Summer around here, at night, it still gets chilly. Also, I'm just one of those people that get cold easily, so I always have to have a light, airy sweater with me.

4. Lip gloss- When I was a kid back when we still lived in the Philippines, I had really dry, chapped lips. So growing up, my mom would constantly remind me to apply lip balm or gloss. She'd get frustrated when I'd forget, so I guess this necessary habit just stayed with me throughout the years. Thankfully, I grew out of the whole chapped-lips-as-a-kid phase, but until today, I still have a small obsession with lip balms. In fact, if you look in my purse right now, I would have at least two lip balms in stock. Always.

5. Sunglasses- Sunglasses aren't technically meant for fashion and style. You wear sunglasses like you would wear sunblock. It's ultimately used for protection against the sun. Having both parents and grandparents as optometrists, I grew up a lot around people who would talk to me all about eye care. I definitely see now that it really is necessary to know the proper ways to take care of it, because it is more sensitive and the sun is more harmful than we think!

6. A Notebook- I have a notebook with me throughout the year; a place to jot down ideas, thoughts, and random.. well, ramblings. During the Summer though, there's really just more things going on! I find that keeping a notebook to document every single event that happen everyday -- from small coffee/bookstore trips to huge vacations and events -- makes remembering the season and all its grandeur much easier! Try it :)

7. Camera- This is really a must-have for me. I invested on a good digital camera last year, and I have to say, it's well worth it! With every party, trip, event, etc, that involve taking pictures, I was able to use it. With the amount of times I used it, it's like it practically paid for itself. The camera is there to document every moment; the ones we want to remember and keep for years. It's such a cliche thing to say, but photos really do capture a lot more sometimes than our words can sometimes say.

8. A Fan- I have to be realistic here. It gets pretty hot around here in Northern California, and when you don't have an air conditioned house, a fan is the next best thing. Seriously, this is kind of crucial. Good ventilation and cooler air makes everyone happy, believe me.

9. Iced tea- Well, any cold beverage will do. Iced tea, however, is my favorite. Make that strawberry iced tea and life is just goooooood. A cold glass of this refreshment during a hot Summer's day... Need I say more?

10. iPod/mp3 player/CD player/radio/boombox
-- you get the point; Music.- I treat this one with such priority, you don't even know! Haha. I always have to have a set playlist for particular getaways, long drives, and trips. Music playlists commemorate long Summer days. It's almost like the lyrics and the melodies in the songs play as the soundtrack of our lives during this wonderful season. It's a must-have, for sure.


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Feel free to share personal stories and little things about yourself. Looking forward to hearing from you all this week!


  1. +JMJ+

    Oh, what glorious heap of lip gloss tubes at #4! =P

    How many of your Top Ten Picks have I missed by now, Jillian? =( I'm really sorry about that--and I do want to be involved on a regular basis--but it takes me yonks to come up with ten things! =P But this time I think I have an excuse, as it is not summer where I live! ;-)

  2. Ohhhh, I love this post! Your picks and pictures make me wish it was summer here (unfortunately a wet and dreary winter in Melbourne). Lovely post :)

  3. You're awesome you know that? :]

  4. A great theme this week, I really enjoyed coming up with my top ten! :D

  5. I agree with most of this list, especially books (OF COURSE!). But I am not so into summer... I never go to the beach, I don't like it. Actually, what I strongly don't like is that salt water, the sand and all that sun heat. lol. Summer is the perfect time to use my floral dresses, though. I love them. :)

  6. Great list! A few of those things made my list, too.

  7. @E: You've missed a few, but then again, I've missed your meme too :/ Makes me feel absolutely guilty because I really love doing it! Maybe I'll stop being lazy and actually do a post one of these Saturdays.. oh and Happy New President by the way! Here's to great hopes that our nation will continue to improve for the better :)

    @Girl Friday: Thanks so much. Aw, and dreary weather can be fun too; perfect days to stay in and watch movies, read books, and drink hot cocoa! :)

    @May: Thank you! You're awesome too, like you don't already know that.

    @Kelly: Thanks, Kelly! Gonna go check out your list as well!

    @Raila: You know, the only thing I hate about summer is the weather. It gets too hot sometimes, and just plain uncomfortable. Other than that, I love the fact that there's more free time and everyone's in such a chill, relaxed mood. During the summer too, I like to live in summer dresses. They're so easy to put on! LOL

    @La Coccinelle: Oh I loved your list as well. Most of us listed 'a fan.' Guess I'm not the only one who think it's absolutely necessary!