The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Genre: Young Adult/Paranormal
3 stars
Synopsis: Chloe Saunders is living a normal life. But when she started seeing things she shouldn't see -- like ghosts -- everyone started to think she is literally going insane. She is then sent to Lyle House, which is an institution for kids with mental health issues. Eventually, Chloe notices that Lyle House just isn't exactly what it appears to be when bizarre occurences start to happen.

Review: I have to admit, it started off a little slow in the beginning, but eventually it picked up. I have to say, I love the story line of this one! Sure, the main premise has been done before, but I think the author executed the entire plot well that it comes off as very unique and original. It also helped a lot that I liked the main character, Chloe, and I thought she was very believable as a vulnerable teenager. I also found myself rooting for her, wanting her to get what she wants. It's not only her that I liked, I also found the other characters very interesting as well. They are as complex and multifaceted as you would want them to be, and I just couldn't help but feel intrigued by all of their different backgrounds.

I do think there are better paranormal YA out there. However, I still think The Summoning is an engaging read. It is not a spectacular one obviously, but the story is entertaining enough and the characters are really likable that I am looking forward to reading its sequel.


  1. I recently read and enjoyed this series too :) Have you read her Women Of The Otherworld series? I think it's a bit better than this one, and has lots of cool supernatural characters :)

  2. I may try this one! The series I heard is quite good :)

  3. I might try this one soon. Sounds pretty cool ;p

  4. I agree that there is better storytelling in paranormal YA, but what I loved about The Darkest Powers Trilogy was the handling of real life issues (mental health etc). Also, like you, I thought that Chloe and her friends seemed like very realistic teens (minus the powers bit). This is such a nicely written, thoughtful review!

  5. Honestly, this series is not one that I'd pick up. I just didn't feel attracted, you know? But I'm glad you at least liked it a bit. And I love how your review is so simple and so good to read, Jill. Thanks! :)

  6. @Kelly: No, I have not heard of her other series. Do you recommend it?

    @Justine: I heard a lot of rave reviews about this so I tried it out too.

    @Darlyn: Yes, it is a very intriguing story.

    @Splendibird: Thank you! I really enjoyed reading about Chloe, Derek, and I also loved Rae a lot :)

    @Raila: Aw, thanks, but yeah I did like it. It's not a favorite, but it was pretty entertaining.

  7. I just don't know if I want to start this series, I feel kind of ambivalent about it, which is complicated by the fact that my library doesn't have the books and I'd have to buy them... :/