Top Ten Picks: Favorite Male Literary Characters

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Top Ten Picks is an original meme here on the blog where I pick a specific topic, make a list, and post them up here. For a list of previous topics, click here.

A month ago, we wrote about our favorite female characters. This week, I think it's about time to let our favorite male literary characters take the spotlight! Without further adieu, here are my picks in no particular order.

1. Severus Snape
Snape is the most misunderstood character in the history of literature. Well, in my opinion at least. He is also probably one of the most complex characters I have ever read about. You love to hate him, but secretly, you know you love him. I for one, never doubted him for a second, even when people kept saying, "It's over, he's a bad guy." Well... look how that turned out. If you've read and finished the series, you know what I'm talking about.

2. Ronald Weasley
Harry's cool and all, but Ron Weasley is the best. He is extremely loyal, and yes, even though he is usually scared and reluctant to try new things, he is courageous when it comes to helping out his loved ones even if it means risking his own life. Also, he is just so funny one can not help but love him! In fact, I love him so much that whenever I hear someone insult his character and say he's a wimp, I always feel the need to defend him!

3. Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson starts out as a troubled and confused teen, and ends up as one of the most courageous literary characters I know. He is good-natured and kind-hearted as well as unselfish, as he is willing to risk his life if it means saving those he loves and cares about. I also love his sense of humor. I'm sorry, but sarcasm rules sometimes, and his is the best kind! Oh, and it doesn't hurt that he's just so darn adorable sometimes.. and he likes Annabeth, and Annabeth is awesome so.. ha ha.

4. Atticus Finch
Atticus Finch is a good role model. I think this because of the way he treats his children -- like children, but also like adults. He teaches them, and the readers at the same time, the importance of morality, justice, and integrity. He is wise, empathetic, strong, righteous, dignified, and stands up for what he believes in.

5. Peter Pan -- not the Disney version
A fellow book blogger, Enbrethiliel of Shredded Cheddar, dedicated an entire 'Character Connection' post for the character of Peter Pan. Go ahead and read her post, and whatever she states, pretty much sums up why I love his character created by J.M. Barrie.

6. The Little Prince
The Little Prince is a pure and innocent, curious and an adventurous traveler. He is open-minded, as he is always willing to listen to what others have to say. He loves learning about new things in life and his world, which allows him to be more imaginative, creative, and intelligent with every land he travels to and every person he meets along the way.

7. Oskar Schell
He's an intelligent and smart young boy, who is oblivious yet not naive to the world and his surroundings. But despite the fact that he is wise and mature for his age, what still remains are the emotions, mentality, and perspective of a helpless 9-year old boy. The reader, a.k.a me, can not help but empathize and sympathize with this character, and love him all at the same time.

8. Gandalf
Sorry Dumbledore, but I have to agree; Gandalf is the greatest wizard ever written. That is all.

9. Landon Carter
Landon Carter has got to be my #1 literary crush of all time. He used to be one of those 'bad boy' types, but when he got to know and fell in love with someone like Jamie Sullivan, he changed for the better. He became a total sweetheart -- trying his very best to do everything he can to make her happy. Not only that, but overall, he becomes a kind-hearted and determined person, who cares about others as well. In the end, he learns the value of real happiness and life.

10. Death
Death is sympathetic, compassionate, and sensitive to mankind and to the world as he looks upon them. He hates war, pain, and hatred, but accepts that it is in fact unavoidable, and takes his job without complaint.

So who are your picks? If you would like to join in, all you have to do is:
1. Do a post, listing all your answers. Like I already mentioned, you do not have to include pictures, descriptions, or explanations, but if you would like to do so, feel free!
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Looking forward to hearing from you again this week!


  1. I find it ironic that Death is on this list, although I loved The Book Thief and Death as the narrator of the book.

  2. This is really a fantastic list. I like that you gave Oskar a spot. He deserves it.

  3. Such a great list! I definitely share some of your picks - Ron, Atticus and Percy for sure :)

  4. +JMJ+

    Thanks so much for the link, Jillian! =)

    I'm going to join later this week, when I figure out who my own Top Ten are.

  5. Great post! I LOVE Snape and Ron! I'm so glad you posted about them. Also, I finished EL&IC the other day, and I definitely have to agree 100% about Oskar.

  6. I love this meme but it's getting repetitive. Try a new topic?

  7. Wonderful list, I finished mine and had some of the same answers. I love that Oskar and Snape made your list.

  8. @Sam: May I ask how you find it ironic that Death is on the list? :)

    @Letter4no1: I just can't help it, I knew I had to put Oskar there! :

    @Julie P: Thanks so much again, Julie!

    @Girl Friday: I'm happy I'm not alone with my love for Harry Potter still.. haha.

    @E: You're welcome :)

    @Jess: I am glad you liked EL&IC! Loved that book.

    @Anonymous: I do new topics every week.

    @Avid Reader: I will read yours later when I get home from work :)

    @gautami tripathy: Welcome and so glad you joined in on the fun :D

  9. Great meme have joined in. Also am now following your blog. My blog is

  10. I like your picks! I'm glad I am not alone in my love for Snape. :)

    I joined in this week!

  11. This is my first time participating, the first time I've seen this meme! I love it. I hope to be back here more often. :)

  12. Hi great list, I actually did it this week. :)

  13. I really need to read The Book Thief one of these days. A lot of folks seem to really like it.

    I had a tricky time with this list, trying not to duplicate my literary crushes top 10. Anyway, I think I've come up with some pretty interesting guys...

  14. Great list Jillian! I love Snape, Ron and Gandalf too. I'd have to add Mr. Darcy, Farmboy from The Princess Bride and Rhett Butler to my list.

  15. Great meme! I'm a new book blogger & now following you :) I've linked to my list as well.


  16. @ukkiwiangel: Glad to have you with us this week!

    @Allie: Yes, I absolutely love Snape! And so glad you joined us this week :)

    @Amanda: I'm glad you enjoy and like doing it as much as we do as well. Glad to have you with us this week :)

    @Lady Scribbles: Yay, gonna go check out your list now too.

    @Holly: Thanks dear! Hope you are feeling MUCH better by the way!

    @La Coccinelle: Oh I can not recommend that book enough. It is one of my favorite books of all time! And I get what you mean with the literary crushes. Although I have to say I only have Landon Carter as both a literary crush and a favorite male character.

    @naida: I knew you would add Rhett Butler :)

    @danya: Glad to have you join us this week, danya!

    @Irena: Thank you!

  17. Hi - You've been tricky, inserting a French connection in here. I love the little prince also. I just never reslly thought of him as a male literaty character, more like a llittle friend.

  18. District 3~ Best hunger games districtMarch 31, 2012 at 4:55 PM

    Hmmm... what about Sirius Black?! I love Snape though, totally agree!