happy father's day!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

My dad isn't really a reader, unlike my mom. But I'm blessed because even though he believes I am crazy for having so many books in my room, he has always been supportive of my love for them. He's never really stopped me from collecting. He even used to take me to the public library or drop me off the bookstore years ago when I couldn't drive yet! :D

So my question of the day for you, since it's father's day! Does your dad, uncle, grandfather, or any father figure in your life read as well?Perhaps helped you become the bookworm that you are? Or maybe he isn't, but is still supportive of your love for reading, like mine is? I'm curious! And of course, happy father's day to all the dads out there especially to mine! <3


  1. Yes, Dad was, and still is, an avid reader. Both of my parents actually. I get it honestly! =O)

  2. Happy Father's Day!
    Both my mum and dad are readers and had a big role to play in my love for reading.

  3. I get my love of reading from my mom. My dad isn't much of a reader but has never been discouraging.:)

  4. Nope. I grew up having to discover this thing called reading by myself. It would have been nice to have been read to or to have someone in the family who read. Might have made things a little easier :)

  5. Nope. I grew up having to discover this thing called reading by myself. It would have been nice to have been read to or to have someone in the family who read. Might have made things a little easier :)

  6. Both of my parents read but unlike me they stick to nonfiction. My dad doesn't have a lot of time for reading but I know he enjoys it. He always packs books when we go on family vacations and spends some time reading then.

    I am glad your dad is supportive of your book habit :) When I was a little kid my dad would buy books for me but when I got older, he and my mom always bought me clothes for gifts instead. He did take me to the library till I got my driver's license though!

  7. Both of my parents are big readers though they don't necessarily read the same types of books as me. It's probably why I read as much as I do. There were always books lying around everywhere in the house when I was little and I don't think my parents ever told me know if I asked them to buy me a book. And even now that I don't live at home anymore, if we go to a bookstore together there is a pretty good chance they will by me books.

  8. That's such a sweet Father's Day tribute, and I love the collage of Disney movie dads. It reminds me how long it has been since I've seen the Great Mouse Detective ;) Both my parents were teachers & still read the newspaper daily and took me to the library & bookstore. While they may not have had the time to read novels as much as I have, they definitely inspired me to :)

  9. The picture with all the cartoon dads is precious.

    My dad has always been a reader. I wish I was into books the way I am now before he got Alzeimer's, I think it would have been great to discuss some mysteries/crime books. Even now, he has 10 books on his nightstand, all started but not finished, I think it is the cutest thing but the alzeimers doesn't allow him to really finish and remember. He does remember his love of books though :-)

  10. My dad certainly pokes fun at me for my obsession with reading and collecting books but he's still supportive. He doesn't read fiction books himself, only nonfiction and (auto)biographies. Love that picture :)

  11. Michelle - It's clearly hereditary, isn't it? ;)

    Misha - Aw how awesome :)

    Risa - Haha. That's my parents too - same as yours :)

    Aly - They never really read to me, but they provided enough - and sometimes even more - resources for me to read by myself. My sister also grew up to be an avid reader, so she passed that along to me too.

    Christina T - Funny - I noticed that bookworms' parents read a lot of nonfiction! There seems to be a trend going on here.. haha. My mom is a huge reader, but she doesn't have time either.

    Emilie - How cute that you grew up in a household that had books laying around everywhere!! :D Oh and you are definitely lucky to have parents that STILL buy you books!

    Teacher/Learner - It seems to me every parent has taken us at least once to the library or the bookstore as a kid! Haha. I see that as such a blessing for sure!

    Marce - There are some things that can not be taken away by 'sickness' and even age :) When you love something, you love something no matter what. I am sure the books on his nightstand are precious!

    Aylee - Oohh autobiographies! How cool. Haha. I don't read much nonfiction myself,but it's interesting how a lot of other
    bookworms' dads do!

  12. My Dad introduced me to Lord of the Rings, Douglas Adams, Ender's Game and many others. Without his recommendations there are so many books I never would have tried.

  13. Hmmm, let's see, what did Papa read?
    Hehe... hope Happy Father's day was great for you!!

  14. Melissa - Oohh those are some of the greatest books there!! :)

    BookQuoter - Haha I really don't know if he read when he was younger!

  15. The males in my life have never really been readers (my dad, brother, husband all included). But my dad was always supportive of book love.

    Great question.

    Adorable image montage.

  16. Juju - Is your husband supportive of your addiction too? :D

  17. I'm way late, but what you said is similar to how I feel about my dad. He does not like to read, but he is very supportive of my reviewing and buying books... Even though he rolls his eyes sometimes when he sees another book in the mail.


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