finally - a trip to an actual bookstore.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Last week, I decided to take a spontaneous trip to a bookstore a couple of mile away from where I work. It wasn't planned or anything, but somehow felt the "need" to get my bookstore air fix. So I just went for it. And this is the place I discovered; Recycle Bookstore found in San Jose, CA.

First thing I thought when I entered the bookstore, was that it was quite small. It had about four shelves, a counter, and that's about it. But as I kept wandering around, I realized that there were hidden rooms there, full of shelves and shelves and shelves and shelves of books. Fiction, Young Adult, Mysteries, Horror, Nonfiction, Poetry, Self-Help, Biographies... they had everything! I suddenly felt like I was in a labyrinth, and I felt completely overwhelmed yet so pleased.

The other thing I started to notice when I was towards the back end of the store, were two awesome things. One: there were actual ladders for you to use to reach the books, ala Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. And two, it really did actually smell like books in there!

When I reached the counter to pay for the books I wanted, there were these books. I hope you can see their tags of their prices well enough ;)

The bottom line is; I had a great time visiting this bookstore. They had a lot to offer and their selection was great - they had new releases, used books, and vintage/antique books as well. The best part was that it truly cured my need to visit an actual bookstore, after being deprived for a while. This place simply had a real book shop feel to it, and it made me feel so comforted to be in there. It was also another plus that the books were priced just right and the people were friendly enough. I am definitely coming back here again!


  1. What a lovely bookstore! This makes me want to go to one, like, now!

  2. That bookstore requires a whole day.


  3. *Clean up in aisle 3. We have a drooler*. And ditto Dizzy, plus a full wallet :D

  4. I love going to a bookstore like that, pulling out a thick book and seeing a pair of soulless eyes staring back at me from the other side. You can't get that online...

  5. I love that book smell! And love bookstore labyrinths.

  6. I adore privately owned shops like these. Thanks for sharing your images and adventure with us.

  7. +JMJ+

    It looks amazing! A bookstore that is almost like a library, but really more like a labyrinth! Many actual libraries should be so lucky. =P I could live there, I think. (Food? Supplies? Huh? What are those?)

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us, Jillian. =)

  8. You reminded me that it has been ages since the last time I drag myself to a physical bookstore!

  9. I love spending an afternoon just wandering through a new bookstore. This one looks perfect!

  10. Definitely a place I have to see next time I visit SF!!

  11. Belle - DO IT! :)

    Sell WOW Accounts - Books! <3

    Dizzy C - DEFINITELY!

    Teacher/Learner - Haha your comment made me laugh.

    Kim - Thank you!

    Sean Thomas Fisher - THAT was a beautiful way of putting it! Can I quote you? Serious question too, btw haha

    bibliophiliac - YAY! Glad to hear someone is as crazy as I am about the book smell! Haha.

    Juju - I love them too. They're such gems.

    E - I spent a good 1 1/2 hours and to be honest, it still weren't enough time! I could definitely live there!

    Shy - GO go GO haha :)

    Melissa - Don't we all? ;) This one was definitely great1

    BookQuoter - It's in the South Bay area! But SF have nice ones too, even though they're a bit far from us! Driving and parking can get annoying.

  12. There aren't a lot of proper bookstores around anymore, it's such a shame :( I do most of my shopping online (it's so much cheaper)but your post has reminded me that i really should make the effort to go to a proper store!
    You're lucky to have that place near you :P

    Imo :D

  13. Imo - I agree. I miss bookstores too!

  14. Great pictures and the price on Mice of Men, holy smokes :-0

    I would love to visit but I wouldn't buy because I love new books.

  15. wow, what a great bookstore!! you got some nice photos!

  16. What fun!!! Love that you got to see those super rare books too. I love stuff like that :)

  17. Love the pics! I hardly go to indie bookstores since the big box ones are closer to where I live.

  18. Yep, I could fall into the book void here and not resurface for days. Is this the store where you found your bargains? You, lucky thing, you! Can't wait to see what you buy next!

  19. Marce - I know, right?? Did you see the Harry Potter one too? Haha. Crazy.

    naida - Thanks, naida!

    Christie - I know! It makes me think if anybody actually buys them! :)

    Jenny - I wish we had big box ones still but they're all gone!

    Lesa - Yes, this is the store. Although I do find bargains at our local Half Price books too.