this blog in 5 years.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I had a very interesting conversation with a good friend of mine today. We were talking over the phone, and the topic of this blog came up. I try to NOT talk about my blogging with other people to be honest - I'm just naturally secretive when it comes to my bookish and nerdy side - but she did raise an important and rather thought-provoking question that I had to think about.

1. Where do you see your blog in 5 years?

I have to admit I haven't really thought of this blog's future. I kind of like the fact that I go through this bookish journey with you guys day by day, week by week... and not more than that. But it did get me thinking - where is this blog going?

I honestly still have no idea for sure. but I would like to think that:
  • In 5 years, I'd still go through my day, excited to get to talk to you guys about some of my favorite things; books, life, inspiration, writing, literature... among many other things.
  • In 5 years, I would still have the same enthusiasm that I have for this fun and inspiring hobby of mine.
  • In 5 years, I would still continue to enjoy reading and recommending good titles, and continue getting so many ideas from you.
  • In 5 years, I am still internet-friends with a lot of you, and that I can make more!
2. Do you ever see yourself NOT blogging anymore?

Honestly, right now, the answer is NO. Having been spoiled rotten with awesome conversations with you guys, I can't really see myself stopping!

So now... I'd like to ask you the same questions. Tell me! I'd love to know what you think.


  1. I agree! I'd definitely still love to be blogging in 5 years -- have made some amazing friends this way!

  2. What a great question. I've never considered that. I guess what I want is for my blog to continue to evolve with me (wherever the road may take me). So in 5 years I see myself doing more children's fiction reviews since I should have a 5 year old by then.

    Do I see myself not blogging? No way. I love blogging and visiting blogs. What I read might change. My favorite sites might change. But blogging I love.

  3. I'd love to still be blogging in 5 years. I can't ever see myself stopping :)

  4. I love blogging and look forward to continuing.

    I want to make sure I continue to do it for the love of reading and finding other bloggers with similar interest even if that interest changes over that time.

    I do not want to get burn out. I think I would be willing to come to the US and actually meet other bloggers during a book event within the 5 years also.

  5. I see myself posting my 1000th book, haha!! I must be dreaming:)

  6. Where will my blog be in 5 years? Honestly, I don't even know where *I* will be haha!

    I'd love to still be enjoying it, reading other blogs, talking about bookish things with people who understand why I jump up & down when an amazon package arrives. As you said, I like going day by day. Though now that I've kinda got into the swing of things it's difficult to imagine just stopping.

  7. Five years is a really long time. I honestly don't know if I'll be blogging even then or would've found too much other stuff to keep me occupied. I'm not even sure for how much longer I will have the kind of time I have now to read!

  8. I could defintiely see how blogging might go in waves in the future. If you start a new job, have kids, move, etc., blogging may get put on hold for a bit. But I hope that I'm always part of the book blogging community in some way.

  9. ooh wow, great question...let me think about it for a while...

    I don't see myself not blogging. I just love it so much. 2012 will be a very busy year for me (post about that will come in December) and I do see myself blogging a bit less. :( I love blogging!!! :)

  10. I have already blogged for almost 2 years and it didn't seem like it has been that long! I hope I'll still be blogging in 5 years... would be great if I form some friendship with other bloggers (I was on some wedding planning website when I was engaged 10 years ago, and have met some of those girls in person and we're now fb friends!). but more so, I want to keep blogging for myself to keep track of the books I'd read. Who knows, blogging may not be the cool thing to do in 5 years :)

  11. I've been blogging for a number of years now. Book blogging for slightly less, but still a number of years. I think it is something that I will always do. Great post. :)

  12. Risa - Good point. That is very true.

    Melissa - Same here. I think you just never really know so it's hard to tell. We can only hope.

    Nina - Oohh I'm curious to hear all about it.

    christa - I hope the same you do too. And I do hope that even if blogging is not the in thing to do in 5 years, we'd still keep doing it!

    Holly - Yeah I feel like it's been such a huge part of my daily life already that stopping it would be too hard to do.

  13. Steph - Definitely.

    Juju - Very good point, and so true.

    naida - SAme :)

    Marce - I WOULD definitely love to include meeting book bloggers in the future too! That would be an amazing experience I think.

    Book Quoter - You never know!! :)

    Jennifer - Haha. Yes, I don't know where I'll be either exactly. Good point.


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