yours, mine, ours: the weekend

Monday, October 10, 2011

This weekend, my family and I drove down to Southern California for a little 'getaway' of some sort. The drive took about 8 hours and we stayed just from Friday to Sunday. All I have to say is - I probably would never trade San Francisco for anything, and I would not want to really live there, but Los Angeles and San Diego are pretty wonderful.

What were you up to the past weekend and what were you reading?
Here's to me hoping you had a good one xx


  1. I was working :(
    But I was reading 'Catching Fire' so YAY n_n
    Awesome photos, SO wish I was there

  2. Fun and fun pictures. I wish I could read in the car.

    I'm listening to Coraline and Mr. Whimsy and I went to a concert (Imelda May) and to the Keeneland Thoroughbred Horse Racing.

  3. OMG, beautiful pictures and that place looks so pretty. :)

    This weekend I went with my best friend to Amsterdam. We went bookshopping. I read Where I Belong. :)

  4. Gorgeous photos.
    Looks like a nice relaxing weekend for you. :)

    I had a quiet but busy houseworking weekend

  5. Beautiful pictures. Looks like a great trip.

  6. Beautiful pictures!

    I was just doing the housework, reading and went for a walk.

  7. I love being in control and driving but at times I do say 'no you drive' and it is only because I want to read a great book, lol

    Great shots

  8. Nathan - Aw work sucks sometimes, especially during the weekends. And yay for Catching Fire.

    Juju - I had to take motion sickness medicine though before I could actually read. I get dizzy unfortunately, but that has worked for me.

    Nina - Book shopping?? Sounds fantastic to me!

    Carol - Usually weekends are filled with chores and errands for me as well, so this was a nice change!

    Kathy - Thanks! It was.

    Pepca - The walk and the reading part sounds nice :)

    Marce - I actually love long drives as well, but usually it's my dad that wants to be in control of the driving! :)

  9. oh my gosh, such great shots!!
    Love it!!
    We've been doing alot of outdoor things here with the beautiful Fall weather. I went into NYC last weekend. And this weekend we went to a carnival/farm.