too early to talk about Halloween?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I think not!

Halloween's just around the corner, and I kind of want to start thinking about this already so I won't find myself procrastinating the last minute.

My friends and I sort of go all out during Halloween. We come up with ideas, plan fun stuff to do for the night... you get the point. However, we're a group of 'DIY' people and we'd rather make our own costumes or at least, come up with ones using clothes we already have. We promised we'd never resort to buying already-made costumes from actual costume stores - except for small accessories here and there that we may need.

Two years ago, I was a flower child hippie. Last year, I was Snow White. This year, maybe a 40-50s pinup? Rosie the Riveter? Hermione??

So here I am, coming to you guys for help, yet again. I want to find out what you're going to be for Halloween, who you have been the last couple of years, and if you any other suggestions. It needs to be unique, and no slutty costumes, please!! Very important. Haha. I'd love to hear your ideas!


  1. My favourite costume is the devil on one side and angel on the other.

    My daughter was Snow White last year also.

  2. Sadly, I didn't dress up last year. Two years ago I was Michael Jackson and the year before I was the girl from the Grudge. This year I'm going to be Carmen Sandiego!

    I love the Rosie the Riveter idea, I doubt you'd find many, if at all, people with that costume.

  3. I love Halloween :)
    The 50's pinup idea is cite.
    I don't know what I'll be yet this year, if I do dress up. I usually dress up each year with my kids. Last year I was Red Riding Hood.
    Whatever you do, I hope you'll post pics!
    It's nice to see you blogging again!

  4. I haven't dressed up in years but I want to. I can't wait till I have a little one to get the Halloween creative juices flowing.

    I LOVE your pinup idea.


    What about the PanAm flight attendants? That would be so fun to do and very retro and in right now.

  5. This year my husband and I are going as the Gunslinger and the Man in Black from the Dark Tower series. I think my favorite group costume was a few years ago when my group of girlfriends and I went as the Village People.

  6. Marce - the 1/2 costume is very clever!

    Kate - Girl from the Grudge?? OMG I would not be able to look at myself in the mirror at all :/ Too scary for me!

    naida - Red Riding Hood is cute. Easy to DIY too! oh and thank you for always sticking around :)

    Juju - Panam! Yes, I think that'd be good too! =] I will consider that, since we're going with the 20-50s theme now. haha.

    Kathy - Oohh the village people sounds like a good idea too!