Valentine's Day Stay-At-Home Ideas

Monday, February 9, 2015

I love Valentine's day. Even though it can be quite a trivial and superficial holiday, I appreciate the idea and thought behind it. However, people seem to assume that Valentine's day means going out of your way to reserve a table in an expensive restaurant. I find that some of the best dates are ones that are simple, affordable, and thoughtful.

Here are some date ideas, and it takes place in the most comfortable place there is - your own home.

1. Wine tasting
Get a bunch of cheese, crackers, some meats, and fruits. Pick up your drinks of choice, and drink away. Brie and Camembert are great choices for white wine, and Gouda is always perfect for red. Play some background music to feel like you're in an actual winery! 

2. Movie night (with homemade cocktails)
Pick a movie or two, go to a store, and get your snacks of choice. Find a recipe for a cocktail drink you like to order in bars and restaurants, and remake it at home. A bottle of wine would suffice of course. If you prefer tea or hot chocolate, get a variety! Don't forget to build a fort with pillows and blankets. 

3. Find "imitation" recipes and cook it at home
Somewhere out there, somebody has already imitated your favorite dish from a restaurant. Research and cook it yourself. Shopping and cooking together is part of the fun, assuming this is not a daily routine for you both. Dress up if you want. Then, set up your table nicely, candles and all.

4. Chocolate Tasting
If you have a serious case of sweet tooth, get different kinds, types, and brands of chocolate - white, dark, milk, fudge, among others. Cut them into smaller pieces and take turns trying to guess what it is. It's a bit of a silly game, but it can be totally fun! Also, eating just small pieces and keeping the rest in a jar is totally doable! 

5. Settle on a theme
I especially love this idea. Pick a theme, something you both would enjoy. Make dinner, dress up, watch a movie using this theme. For example, if the theme is Italian, pick up or cook Italian dishes, have some tiramisu or cannolis ready, wine, Italian soda, and watch an Italian movie (with subtitles, of course!)

6. Interview each other
It sounds ridiculous and cheesy, but I love doing this every once in a while! Interview each other questions in life: What's in your bucket list? What are your most treasured memories? Can you name your top favorite songs of all time? What values/characteristics do you value the most in a friend? What is your idea of a 'perfect' day? 
Trust me that no matter how long you and your partner have been together, you will always discover something new about him/her. It's like having a first date over again, but this time, it's with someone you feel completely comfortable and open with. It encourages great and memorable conversations. This is also great if your partner is not the type to initiate conversation; you are the one coming up with the topics to talk about! 

And for all you long distance lovers out there, your best friend is SKYPE. Call each other, pick a movie preferably on Netflix, grab your dinner and snacks, and press play at the exact same time. It's the best, trust me. 
As for a date idea for yourself, treat yourself to something - a book, dinner, new shoes, flowers, whatever it is you "don't really need," but know you want. I love doing this for myself every once in a while for sure. We all deserve it. 
For me, my idea of a perfect date-at-home: good coffee, a comfortable couch, delivery pizza in the evening, tea later, and a Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition marathon.
What's your idea of a perfect day and night in?


  1. With so many people trapped by snow in the Northeast US, these will be helpful to many couples.

  2. Love this. I'm definitely more of a 'stay at home' fan. I do enjoy going to a good steakhouse whenever we get a date night, so I'm not ruling that out completely. We are home just about every night and it's nice to go out once in awhile, but not on Valentine's Day, when it'll be insanity out! I do love when we get a date night at home, too. I'm not opposed to ordering pizza, drinking wine, and staying in! The wine tasting sounds perfect, if only my husband liked wine. Lol.

    I think this Valentine's Day we're going to take our daughter to breakfast. I love breakfast food and we'd rather make the day special for her. I get her a card and small gift and she loves it.

    1. Aww breakfast celebrations are the best, and it's even more special since you have your cute little one with you! She is the most adorable.

  3. Yes, I love Valentine's Day. Not only this is a day for couples but it's also for families and friends as well. I think the best moment is enjoying who you are with; the place and setting are just secondary. :) And, home is definitely a cozy place to be for the occasion.

    1. Absolutely, I've spent many Valentine's day with friends! It's great doing all these activities with anyone for sure.

  4. I love your ideas. I love when we can stay at home and do something we might not normally do. It doesn't need to be much, just a little extra thought and it can be magical. (It also means not having to worry about a baby sitter, that is hectic in itself.)

    1. Yes, as always it is the thought that matters!

    2. Yes, as always it is the thought that matters!