Favorite Things in February

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Another month has gone, but before moving on, I thought I'd talk about my favorites for  the month of February. These are things that I loved and want to share with you!

  • The World's Greatest Love Stories
    I bought this for $5 and it was definitely a steal! I bought it in time for Valentine's day, because why not? I thought it was charming and heartwarming. I adored it and think it can be a nice addition to your bookshelf because it has a nice cover too.
  • The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah
    This has now become one of my favorite books, and if you're interested in reading my review, read that here.
  • That one time my boyfriend went to a book event for me and got a signature and message from Kristin Hannah, the author of The Nightingale. This meant so much and was a big highlight of my month. 
  • Gilmore Girls marathon
    I first watched Gilmore Girls on and off as a kid and would only do so because my older sister did. I've never actually fully watched the whole thing though, so thanks to Netflix, I totally binge watched on this everyday when I got the chance. 
  • Coffee Books and Rain sweatshirt
    I got this last week of February, but this should still count as a favorite because it's just plain awesome. 
  • L'Occitane's Jasmin and Bergamote
    My mom got this cologne/perfume for me as a gift, and I love it! It's floral, but not too harsh or strong. It's quite an understated and simple scent actually, fresh and delicate. 
  • My new office chair
    Thanks to my boyfriend, I now have a comfortable chair in my room. I tend to sit in front of the computer for hours, and I used to only have a plastic chair, so this helps me a lot! You can purchase this here.
  • Kindle Paperwhite
    I got this e-reader back in November and did an initial review on it already, but after three months, I'm still loving it. If you are still hesitating, let me tell you that you really almost do not notice that you are not reading a real book. The screen is different from a phone/computer screen, and it really does look like real pages. 
  • Wall art
    I did this DIY wall art using 4x4 instagram-sized photos. If you're interested in making this affordable piece yourself, click this post here. 
Overall, February was a good month. Nothing too exciting happened, but I can't complain. How was your February, and what were some of your favorite things this month?


  1. Your February was awesome! I love the wall art and sweatshirt! And you know how much I love the fact you got a signed copy of The Nightingale.

    I'm really glad to hear how much you're enjoying your Paperwhite. I love mine, it's my favorite thing! It really has made reading easier and more convenient.

    1. The paperwhite has really become one of my favorite things! I can't be without it!

  2. I've been watching Gilmore Girls as well! I'm in the season 5 at the moment and Logan was just introduced. Not sure what to think about him, but I've heard that he grows on you. The Nightingale sounds amazing, I really need to read it. :)

    1. Logan definitely grew on me! I liked him in the end. And yes, I highly recommend The Nightingale.

  3. I've actually been on a Buffy vampire slayer spree on netflix :)

  4. Love that shirt!

    Gilmore Girls is seriously the BEST!

  5. I love Gilmore Girls and L'Occitane products as well. I use their shea butter all winter long. FEBRUARY has been very slow here with all the heavy snow. 6" coming tomorrow and more Wednesday. Where will we put it?

  6. I love that sweatshirt! Definitely something I would count a favorite. I haven't watched Gilmore Girls but I would love to. Maybe once I am done with Friends, I will get started on that one.

  7. I love your wall art! I got a free offer from Shutterfly so I think I am going to make something similar. Now to decide where in the house to put it!!