Inspiration: 'Pretty' edition!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I love pretty photos of pretty things. In fact, I come up with my 'inspiration' posts usually just by looking at photos like these. So I thought, why not make a "Pretty Edition?" Just because.

1. pretty rooms

2. pretty flowers

3. pretty funny!

4. pretty true

5. i pretty much want this blanket
6. pretty beautiful necklaces
7. pretty darn cute

8. pretty awesome library!
9. pretty sweet handmade cards

10. pretty breakfast!

11. pretty building

12. pretty yummy

Don't mind the randomness ;)


  1. I love your inspiration posts!

  2. Oh, I've seen that 8th pic this week. Loved it. Actually, I love all these kind of pictures. <3

  3. Great pictures. I adored that breakfast, I want to eat it. :)

  4. +JMJ+

    Oh, man! I want that blanket, too!

    There is a bookstore in town that has long tiles on the floor meant to look like old-fashioned newspaper columns. I wouldn't mind those, either. =)

  5. That Quote on the card "I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)" I LOVED that movie

    And that Library is awesome as is that blanket! WOW! LOVE!!!

  6. I love the little girl and the puppy. Well, also the other puppies. And the blanket. The library. Etc., etc.

    Very nice!

  7. @maytagger8819: Thanks, glad you like them!

    @Raila: I would love to have such a unique library like that around here!

    @Nina: Thanks, and breakfast pictures are so nice -- even though I don't usually even eat breakfast! Haha.

    @E: I am trying to hunt where that blanket comes from! Ohhh and what bookstore is it?

    @Book Crazy Jenn: I love that poem by EE Cummings. Just lovely.

    @Kay: So do I! So adorable. :)

  8. The blanket is pretty much awesome! I really want that too! Also, I love the library-it looks so cool! How could you not want to go in there?!?! Thanks for posting these! Super awesome!