Inspiration: Bookshelves

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lately, I've been looking at some photos of bookshelves online; basically imagining what my future bookshelf would look like. Right now, I am content with what I have in my room, but I know when I have my own place, I would decorate with books, books, and more books. I imagine a whole wall; it might get its own room or it might stay in the main living area. I don't know yet, but I have been obsessed with looking at these photos that I felt I had to share with you all. Hope you like the photos and the awesome video below!

I also wanted to share with you a video I think any book lover can appreciate. It's created by a group of artists, and I have to say, it's pretty amazing.


  1. Neat post, thanks for sharing!

  2. I dream of floor to ceiling built in cases made of gorgeous deep wood.

  3. I do love the bookcases under the stairs.

    I tried to organise my books by colour once, but it just didnt look right.


  4. Oh gosh so amazing!! Looking at them just makes me want a new Bookshelf so bad!!

  5. wow, those shelves are nice!! great video too :)

  6. Ooh, lots of awesome bookshelves. I really love the one under the stairs, it's awesome!

  7. I adore the third one in the second row! I think it's the big window. It looks like such a cozy place to read!

  8. hey! found you via goodreads, LOVE the banner & blog. all i've ever dreamed of is living in a library so i definitely appreciate all the bookcase images you posted, haha.
    <3 niree
    ps. following you now!

  9. I adore all of these, especially the middle pics in the first and third rows. I also dream of having my own wall of books. Some day, I hope!

  10. I am soo looking forward to having nice bookshelves with all my books when I get my own place. With a nice couch to sit on to spend hours reading.

  11. Ms C- Thank you for reading!

    Juju - Dream for me for sure too!

    Dizzy C - I've always wanted to try to arrange them by color. Might try that once on a weekend or something, but I think I like the effect of a "scattered" bookshelf a lot more. Maybe I can do it and take a photo of it haha.

    Aly - So do I!

    naida - Loved that video especially. So creative.

    Lizzy - I would love to have a staircase book case. I can imagine how difficult it'd be though to clean! LOL

    Natalie - I agree. I do like high ceilings and huge windows that let in natural lighting! Looks so cozy.

    bornhye - Living in a library sounds good to me :D And thank you for visiting and following!

    Liz - They are so gorgeous, aren't they? And I would LOVE to have my own wall of books as well, from a high ceiling to the floor! Dream!

    Touloulou - Me tooooo! My dream!