Just a few notes for today.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I hope you have an awesome - and safe - weekend! Here in the Bay Area/San Francisco, we are slightly affected by the Japan earthquake as we have been having tsunamis as we are in the US' coastal area. It is not bad at all and there is no serious damage, thankfully, but it has been stressful for some living around that area.

So while we're at that topic, I just wanted to spread the word even though I think by now everyone knows about this. Please Text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10 for Japan during this horrible disaster. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers. This is a huge global disaster, and this is one of those times everyone has got to help each other. Be safe, everybody.


  1. We are seeing devastating images from Japan.

    We are so lucky


  2. Thanks for the number Jillian. It is all just so horrible. I'm actually thinking right now of what to start. I know it has it be a review book, already behind as it is *sulks*

  3. Oh hon! I do hope everything is alright for you!

  4. Dizzy C - We're lucky for sure. The best we can do is help them out even with just $10 for Redcross to help them out.

    Aly - You're welcome. And sometimes I have a hard time trying to pick which book to read next because there's just too many choices!

    Juju - thanks, everything is fine here! :)