The Secret Year by Jennifer R. Hubbard

Friday, March 18, 2011

Genre: Young Adult
Rating: 3 stars

What I Liked: Nice and interesting plot line, backed up with the author's unique way of writing. I liked the way the story was narrated, and I thought it was definitely a page turner.

What I Didn't Like: To be honest, even though there was nothing specifically "bad" about the book, I personally just didn't care about what's going on. The characters didn't make me care about them, and I wasn't too excited about what's going to happen next. I think this is mainly because I felt like the character and plot development weren't there - one minute we were heading somewhere, and then all of a sudden we're back to square one. I hope that made sense. I just kept hoping and hoping something was going to happen, or a sudden revelation will occur that will make me care and understand, but for me, it just didn't happen.
Overall: It was an okay read. It was entertaining and good, but it isn't a book I would remember in a couple of weeks. I will continue to read the rest of the author's books though, because like I said, she does have good writing style that I enjoy so I know it will only be better from here. I recommend this to teens and YA fans.


  1. I thought it would be a really sad read but it wasn't as emotional either.

  2. Being disconnected to the characters can ruin the book for me. I know a book is great, when I never forget it.

  3. I agree with you. I generally liked the book, and there was nothing I really disliked, but I just couldn't connect to the story. This cover is way better by the way :)

  4. Thanks for the feedback ladies. I'm glad to see I am not the only one who felt sort of the same way about this novel!

  5. I personal loved this novel!