Intensity by Dean Koontz

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Genre: Fiction - Thriller/Semi-Horror
Rating: 5 stars

Review: Intensity, for lack of a better word to describe it, is in fact intense. At times, it was too intense that I had to actually put the book down and take a break. Now I can read books about serial killers, but for some reason, this felt slightly "worse" in a way because the killer was more of a psychotic one rather than "barbaric," if that makes sense at all. And the author, Dean Koontz, being the effortless storyteller that he is, is able to take this work of fiction and make it so realistic that one can't help but wonder if the main antagonist was based off a real person. And I'm sure that there are people in real life that are like the main antagonist - this to me, makes this book even scarier.

Also, I have to say how impressed I am at how Koontz is able to not only create a realistic, frightening antagonist, but how he's able to create and mold such a realistic protagonist as well - someone who is so weak and fragile, yet strong and courageous at the same time. She was someone I personally rooted for all the way and wanted so badly to win.

As far as recommendations go, I definitely recommend this to any reader who likes this genre, and the author. It's fast-paced and exciting, scary, and thrilling. Dean Koontz is a fantastic writer, and Intensity showcased how skilled, talented, and creative he is.


  1. Interesting how diverse one's personality can be, such as the main protagonist's. great review!

    P.S. The answer to your question yesterday: my copy of Fatherland had about 360 pages.

  2. My mother had given me her entire collection of Dean Koontz novels a year ago but I haven't read them yet. After reading your review, my interest in this author is rekindled.

  3. Ah, this sounds freaky. Though I suppose it's a sign of a good author if the villain is realistic!

  4. Ok, this is going to be my next DeanK for sure, I haven't read it and it gets great recommendations.

    Love the review can't wait to read this one.

  5. It not only sounds intense it also looks that way. OMG that cover is really good! ;)

  6. Pepca - Thanks. I'll be picking that up soon.

    Misha - Oohh read this and Watchers. I hear Lightning is good as well.

    Aylee - Yup, it's very creepy.

    Marce - I highly recommend it for you. I think you will like it.

    Nina - The cover is so creepy, isn't it!! That's not the cover I have thankfully haha

  7. I love Dean Koontz, but haven't read this one yet. I might just have to pick it up after reading this awesome review :)

    Holly from Book♥Hooker

  8. Holly - If you like Dean Koontz, then I think you will enjoy this one! I haven't read much from him yet, but this one was great.

  9. I heart Dean Koontz. Glad you enjoyed this one so much! He does create intense characters, and his villains tend to be very scary.

  10. naida - I agree. He is so good with creating characters!

  11. Glad this was a winner for you--
    and you survived the intensity! I don't think I was able to put it down but it was definitely almost unbearable at times!

    Did I tell you that there are one or two semi-sequels to Watchers? Different characters but the same lab.

  12. Lesa - How interesting. I did not know that. What are their titles?

  13. Fear Nothing and Seize the Night-- I remember liking both. There is a dog named Orson, mutated monkeys and something else that shouldn't have been created.

    Here is a link to a From the Author write up by Koontz about Watchers-- thought you might enjoy it. Watchers is his fave too and I laughed that everyone he meets asks for a sequel to watchers.

  14. "Intensity" follows the story from both viewpoints, the killer's and Chyna's. Chyna's portions are told in typical 3rd person past-tense, but the killer's sections are told in the rarer PRESENT tense. It's a tad distracting at first, but you'll get used to it. My major complaint with this one was that sometimes, things went a little too slowly for me --- especially with a book called "Intensity." Sometimes Chyna seemed a little TOO smart, a little TOO lucky with the ingenious ways she came up with of escaping, and at times the suspense lagged simply because I knew she was going to get out and remain alive by the end of the book, I knew she wasn't going to have any problems. I wanted to see a little bit more of a struggle for her life and her freedom, more at close quarters with the killer. Most of her struggle came when the killer wasn't anywhere near, and wouldn't be anywhere near for hours.

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